TAC YOUTH RUGBY PROGRAM - Class 8 REPORTE | Rugby Park Japan 【リポート】

Rugby Park Japan 【リポート】

Rugby Park Japan のレッスンリポートやお知らせのページです。

Sunday May 29th 2016 - 11am to 12pm
(5 present)

Today we started with 'Pass Distance Challenge'. In pairs (me making up one pair) we tried to pass the ball a short distance 4 times. If successful we take 2 steps back and try again. Gradually increasing the distance until we fail. This should help build the students' sense of how far they can accurately pass.

I then briefly introduced some points about kicking accurately (how to hold the ball, what part of the ball to try to kick). This is just for fun because we don't kick in the Tag/Touch games that the students play. But its a good chance to start introducing some points. I offered the students the choice of playing another kicking game but they chose not to.

I then refreshed the students' knowledge of the Tag Rugby Rules and they practiced attacking, 5 V 1 against me. This week they won easily. They passed the ball to the 3 point try scorers (youngest players) to quickly score lots of points.

One student wanted to defend with me, so we changed to 4 V 2. They attacked well again and beat the 2 defenders easily.

We played 3 V 3 Tag, trying to follow the rules more strictly than previous weeks. The students are getting more understanding of the game but often step over the side lines. I'll use more markers next week.

- Pass Distance Challenge
- Kick Distance Challenge
- 5 V 1 DF Coach
- 4 V 2, DF Coach + 1
- Tag

Coach: Roy