Sunday May 15th 2016 - 11am to 12pm
(6 present)

Today I introduced Tag Rugby.

We started by learning how to put on the Tag belts and Tags properly.

We played a 'Partner Tag' game - In pairs the kids hold hands with one hand and start with the other hand on their head. On the whistle they can move their hand from their head and (keeping the other hands held) compete to grab a Tag from their partner first.

Then in 2 teams they played some Team Tag Collection games.

After that, to start introducing the new rules the kids need to know to play Tag Rugby we played 6 against 1, with 6 kids attacking each time and me defending. 3 of the kids (the older ones in the group) could score their team 1 point by coring a try, the others (younger ones) could score 2 points for the team. This was to try to encourage them to work as a team and pass the ball to the younger ones. If they didn't score as a team I got 1 point. In the end it was 5-4 to them after scoring a 2 point try on the last play.

This worked well. I might try 3 V 1 or 4 V 1 next week and perhaps have a 3,2,1 point system; 3 points for a 6 year old try, 2 for a 7 year old and 1 for an 8 year old. They can compete against me and also against the other team.

I allowed them 3-4 minutes of free time and again nearly all the kids were kicking the balls around during that time. I'll definitely try to include some kicking games next week.

We played Tag Rugby for the last 15 minutes or so. Again the general shape and understanding is gradually improving and they seemed to enjoy Tag just as much as Touch Rugby.

- Introduced Tags
- Partner Tag
- Team Tag Collection
- 6 V 1, DF Coach
- Tag

Coach: Roy