Sunday May 15th 2016 - 11am to 12pm
(7 present)

Today's main focus was "Ball Control".

We started with a ball skill I had introduced last week (throw the ball up, clap as many times as you can before catching it again). The kids were able to remember the key points about hot to hold the ball which introduced last week, which is great because it shows they are retaining some information.

We tried a couple of other new ball control skills: moving the ball round the body - front to back to front again, and switching hands between the legs.

We then made pairs (I partnered with E) and did some short relay races: Running while moving the ball around the body, running while switching hands between the legs and finally placing the ball down (carefully) while running, going round a marker then returning and passing the ball from the floor.

The first 2 of these are very new skills to the kids so they were slow and careful (mostly walking rather than running) the last is good as its a chance to run faster.

We then did several games of 10 X Pass. Only one team reached 10 passes successfully but the kids starting finding space and moving more, thinking more quickly and communicating more as we went on.

I allowed 2 minutes of free time to the kids during the class (most of them arrive very close to the class start time so they don't get a lot of rugby based free time yet) just to have a look at what type of things they wanted to do given the chance. Lots of kicking, which isn't surprising. I might include a bit of kicking in next week's class.

We played reaction touch for the last 15 mins of the class. The shape is generally improving, most of the kids are aware of a defence line and needing to be behind the ball, they are still often slow to do it though. There are still times when their instinct is to run backwards with the ball, but this seems to be improving too.

I think today's class plan is good. It keeps everyone involved, without much waiting time. Its enjoyable and the kids can certainly need chance to continue to develop the skills covered today.

With only 3 more classes left of this season, I need to think about introducing TAG very soon.

At the very end of the class as they were leaving one kid said: "I want to be a Rugby teacher!" (lol).

- Ball Skills
- Ball Skills Relays
- 10 X Pass
- Reaction Touch

Coach: Roy