Sunday May 8th 2016 - 11am to 12pm
(8 present)

Today was the first time that all of the kids present for a class!

I started with some ball skills (throw the ball up, clap as many times as you can before catching it again). In between giving them 1 or 2 minutes to see how many they could do I introduced some pass technique and some points about how to hold the ball.

We progressed this to pass relays in teams of 2 which the kids enjoyed. I tried having them practice individually, passing into the curtain-wall that divides the gym so I could take a look at how each of them pass individually but for the youngest kids its really too early for thinking about technique so we went back into pass relays.

We then did some attack line practice, trying to focus on running straight and pass timing. I tried to use 3 progressions:

1st - Markers as 2 defenders for the first 2 runners to run toward.
2nd - 2 kids swapping in to act as defenders but not moving.
3rd - 2 static defenders plus 1 more from the try line who can move.

It wasn't that successful as mostly the kids didn't understand the points, forgot the points once they started running, or in some cases just thought it as easier or more fun to score themselves without passing.

If I do similar again it will be more like the timed "Line Pass Races" we did on week 2, or I won't go beyond the first progression and will have a point scoring system, awarding points for players running straight, passing backwards, passing at the right time etc.

With 8 kids at the class this week we were able to play 4 on 4 reaction touch. I tried to get the defense set further back each time this week and there was less picking the all up and running straight back towards their own line.

- Ball Skills & Pass Races
- 3 Attackers Run Pass (3 variations)
- Reaction Touch

Coach: Roy