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l8ke si quieres tener un 🐼🐾🐼🐾🐼🐾
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Is that a gucci dragon?
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this just maked me sad i Love pandas
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I'm 37 years old. I wanna be a Panda when I grow up.
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Get on the hype train chocho
When is it going to be release?
Did they get the same face mold of billy bob from show biz pizza for pandory?
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Part 2??????
It's sad
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I noticed


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Where+Can+Watching+panda security


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I can't wait!!
Hahaha funny. He really loves her because she is his friend. She is kind and patient with him. He's just very playful and affectionate as most young animals would be. I noticed a few more pandas around but they can't play with him like she can. Sometimes something just takes to you..

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Sears and kmart will outdo Amazon this year because the investors lost 3 times they made sears and kmart and in 14 years in a season they won't sell any stores they will be managed in other ways because sears kmart is older than most popular companies.
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The dragon is soo cool

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if i were the boy id scream bloody muder then some one or a lot of pepole can hear me

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The panda really knows how to bother the nanny 😂

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Looks amazing! But sorry. I have to point it out: Someone forgot to include the Panda fur on the matte of the duck on 1:40 . Fur crash on the shoulder of panda on 1:37 . Looks great though!.

Best video ever

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