Put for put.

What happened with this blog?

No, It's not a joke.
I wish it was a joke, but not.

It's empty.

This blog and the one I have in blogspot, and my Livejournal, and my tumblr xDD
I mean, all of my blogs.

The reason is.... I'M IN SCHOOL

xD This is my last year in the school, and I'm so happy.
If all comes what I want, I will be a teacher and a plaatic artist with the years ends ♪
I'm happy about that!
I can't wait.

It's pretty rare, 'cos the time fly so fast.
And the life don't stop, and you have to going on, and on, and on.
Sometime is so hard, sometimes is much easy, but you are always learning something about that.

Every day It's like start something new, every day you have the power to make a choise about you, about your destiny, about your life,
Every step you give, can make the difference. Can be a good or a bad. Can make you happy or make you sad.
When you look back, when you see all the things you have, and you don't have. The things and the persons you lost, and you win with the time. Your realice that life it's too short, and you can die in every moment, like if you were in a "Final Fate" movie, and that's scary, really scary. But you never know.

Just keep living and enjoying your life.
Because you're so lucky to have what you have ♥


A bad day.

A really bad day for me.
DENTIST! (°Д°;≡°Д°;)

Yep, with my sister and it was SO horrible.
That made my day just trash, now it hurts a lot and I can't eat any solid.
I'm so hangry right now that you cannot imaginate >______<
So badly, but I think at the end is gonna be okay, 'cos my teeths will be okey for eva, I mean, while I care about it X___X
Good look people.

Have a nice day.