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Seen it reyt good xx

They would be a really good couple in real life

Cherly and Davina are in the same movie!? This must be awesome.😍


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This film hit me somewhere i have never been hit. I fell in love with this movie. It really just describes my life .. divorced parents, getting bullied, falling in love with a girl i will never have. I cried so much while watching the film. <3 <3.

Is this where disney channel stars go after their shows die!!!!!!!!! its like a disney purgatory

This is the best cast in a movie that I've seen in a REALLY long time! Soooo excited

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Okay from what i have established 75% Finn Stans 20% people saying oh lmao everyone came here for finn 5% random other thing.
2019 anyone


Ross Lynch = automatic skip


Looks lame.....the movie is basically over a car and with the the blonde chick with the tall guy falling in love later on..


Vanessa is back
He did the one inch punch
Meeeen!!! Necesito ver esa película urgente :(( amo a ese hombre!!! 💖💖
Can’t wait
I'm actually here because I love dogs🐶not because Finn is coming out in this movie.
Is this even real Vanessa Nina and EVAAAA what 😍😍😍😍
This movie is much better than Everything, everything
Nina 😍
I really wish I could own a dog, just can't fathom picking up shit in a plastic bag three times a day.

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Did anyone else realize that FBE helped make this?


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Yo siempre la veo igualita :v
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I allready cried on the trailer uhhh i cant wait to see it
why does this dog crap come up in my recommended
Down loading this movie right now

Mix R5 Ross Lynch looked out of the heaven this is Brady Kyle Massey Jeff hardy JONH CENA Dean ABOUSE the shield king slayer brun the down seth Rollins justin Biebr Jessie Debby reyn you Shelley Michaels with maia macthill you Mack I am Brady Austin macoia moon Ross Lynch teen beach the movie starring with Ross Lynch I am Brady Austin moon Ross Lynch here he my boyfriend Ross Lynch.

This movie

Bruh hasn’t Maddy been in high school for like 5 years? I swear I saw her in a prom movie so long ago lol

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Yeah i love bella thorn i can't wait for the movie.😚😚😙😗
Era corthey???
This is my favorite scene, it's so CUTE!! But I am not too sure about Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton because I think I've heard that they've broke up. If they did, then what if Ross Lynch and Olivia Holt were about to become A REAL LIFE COUPLE? If Olivia is still single! Just like... 1. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical 2. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato from Camp Rock 3. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone from The Amazing Spider Man 4. Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty from Descendants 2.

slash everything everything
Y’all know if that app existed the average teenage boy wouldn’t use it for all the stuff in the movie

I'm so jealous of Ross Lynch right now....

Diamond White from x factor
But I can't wait till march 23 I want to see it now cos I love Bella and I think she is an amazing actor and I bet that this film will be amazing
I really love this song and it makes me feel good when I'm listening to it it will never get old for me .who agree with me on that
I already watched this and it was really such a beautiful and heartbreaking movie

lol harvey to smooth guy

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He can't sing he's yelling
Only here for NIna Dobrev :D
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Chloe Grace Moretz was perfect for this
One two three team Austin team Ross Lynch team Bardy dean abouse dean wisther jeans Austin moon dean abouse Ross Lynch I am Bardy
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this guy is rock and roll
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Love it 😻😻

What does the number sign in facebook status updates mean?

this is awesome thats why their making a fake high school musical 4 movie its because vannesa hudgens is making this movie