Hq Bose: Dead/Alive


Hq Bose: Dead/Alive




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Dr. Babasaheb ambedkar the person who wrote the indian Constitution in an interview admitted that india got independence not because of Gandhi but it was sc bose.
Rajkumar Rao is the best actor I think so
The Monster Project.
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The best patriotic movie of our nation.
If he comes back who would be the prime minister of India ? #Bose 😎
Hq+Bose:+Dead/alive and well



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The Real Fighter❤️

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Congress ko sirf pm ki gaddi chahiye Modi to Hindustan ko chahiye.

I don't mean to disgrace Mahatma Gandhi Jee but to me I guess best freedom fighter is Subhash chandar Bose. He's real hero and real founder of India. At least India should use his face for some currency notes..

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That's our tiger. Jai Subhash Chandra Bose.

What's wrong he was right

If my aim was to free my country, I would have mad a deal with the devil, let alone Hitler. Now coming to the portrayal here, Bose was more connected to the Japanese in regard with our freedom than the Germans and anyhow British were in a part of the Allies, we had to look toward the Axis powers for our freedom..

why it is not good my father Gerald desoga of bbk was want to be

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जाने कितने झूले थे फाँसी पर, कितनो ने गोली खाई थी क्यो झूठ बोलते हो साहब, कि चरखे से आजादी आई थी || चरखा हरदम खामोश रहा, और अंत देश को बांट दिया लाखों बेघर,लाखो मर गए, जब गाँधी ने बंदरबाँट किया || जिन्ना के हिस्से पाक गया , नेहरू को हिन्दुस्तान मिला जो जान लुटा गए भारत पर, उन्हे ढंग का न सम्मान मिला || इन्ही सियासी लोगों ने, शेखर को भी आतंकी बतलाया था | रोया अलफ्रेड पार्क था उस दिन, एक एक पत्ता थर्राया था || जो देश के लिए जिये मरे और फाँसी के फंदे पर झूल गए | हमें कजरे गजरे तो याद रहे, पर अमर पुरोधा हम भूल गए ||.

If Netaji was alive and Congress tried to hide it, let's finish Gandhi family once for all!

He is an Indian.. Bhartiya.. Na tou Hindu na Bengali.. We are proud of him..
where do i find the complete series
Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose had a huge role to play in the fight for Independence. It may seem as a heinous crime teaming up with Hitler, hut the fact is, he never actually teamed up and the Nazis had no role to play in our fight for independence. It was Subhash's INA that led the charge. And till this day his legacy is celebrated as the person who led the guts to oppose and defy the British and lead the people with action and not mere words..

Netaji ZZZZiiiiiiiiiindabad..... If Netaji lived during Independence... the picture of present India would be something else... Congress sarkar me aane ke liye kisi bhi hadh tak gir sakta hai....
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It is funny how Americans think they defeated the Nazis alone. No, they did not. It was the Allied Forces. Americans would have been squashed, if not for the Russians. The Russians literally won WW2 single handedly with some help from Americans. And Bose went to Russians first for help. They refused. Then he turned to the Germans, maybe out of desperation. In hindsight, the decision is controversial. We will perhaps never know what Bose had thought of for future, after gaining independence. Some of his ideas for an India post independence were highly controversial..

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actual hero no diarespect to gandhi ji but subash ji was amazing without him india wouldn't b free


Bose is the real hero of India
Great movie
gandhi nehru kutta hai
I understand from a reliable source that Subhas Chandra Bose, your war criminal, has been allowed to enter Russian territory by Stalin. This is clear treachery and a betrayal of faith by the Russians. As Russia has been an ally of the British-Americans, it should not have been done. Please take note of it and do as you consider proper and fit (Code word for Finish him off). - As said by Jawaharlal Nehru to British Prime Minister Clement Atlee in one of his Secret Personal letters This is what Congress was hiding from Indian Public for 60 years but these De-Classified Files were re-opened by Modi Government in 2015..

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Hq+Bose:+Dead/alive 5
It was fantastic sires
Simply the best person...
নেতাজীর জন্য গর্জে উঠুন। নেতাজীর file এর জন্য সবাই একজোট হয়ে আন্দোলন করি।যাতে করে নেতাজীকে পুনরায় ফিরিয়ে আনা যায়।তার সাথে সাথে ভগবৎ সিং ক্ষুধিরাম বসু কে গোটা ভারত চিনুক।কংগ্রেসের dirty policitics এর জন্য তাঁরা আজ বিপন্ন।।। কংগ্রেস মুর্দাবাদ।।।।.


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