Ricoland-kashiwa introduction for overseas

Ricoland-kashiwa introduction for overseas

We're motorcycle parts shop in Chiba Prefecture in
I introduce a lot of motorcycle parts for foreign customers!
I hope i can help your shopping and you can enjoy your motorcycle life with japanese amaging motorcycle parts!!

Let me introduce special price winter glove this time !!

Maker: J-CREW
Number : KD-0201
Name : Leather winter glove
It has Waterproof, Windproof, Protect from cold degree,
and material is REAL LEATHER !!

So many function !!


The pad which is for vibration reduction is at palm part.


Between index finger and thumb is reinforced.


At inside of wrist, there is short rubber, so easy to wear it and take it off.



Back of index finger and middle finger is also reinforced.


Also at back of the hand, near wrist, there is short rubber part.


Moreover, this model has velcro belt at wrist.
You can control tightness by it as you like.


It is outside sewing style about all of finger,
so you don't need to feel uncomfortable inside of glove.


Inside part is Felt cloth, it make you feel soft and warm.


Even if this glove is for winter, it is no too thick, then easy to bend finger and grip.


This is special price !!


List price is / 9,504 yen (in tax),
and special price is / 5,800 yen (in tax) !!
About 39% OFF!! WOW!!



There is another color, CAMEL.


Bright orange piping.


If your all of gloves are BLACK, you should get CAMEL color sometimes !!


Please refer follow size chart about size:

Number / color / size / code

KD-0201 / BLACK / M / 4571179671095

KD-0201 / BLACK / L / 4571179671101

KD-0201 / BLACK / LL / 4571179671118


KD-0201 / CAMEL / M / 4571179671125

KD-0201 / CAMEL / L / 4571179671132

KD-0201 / CAMEL / LL / 4571179671149



Furthermore, we will pay transport charge for any country !!

Free transport charge !!


We have enough stock about this product,

But Please contact us as early as possible before sold out !!




You can order them by email: kashiwa-info@rsc-group.jp
Or if you have some question, you can ask us freely by email!!
Please refer Charge list about transportation charge.
Please check and pay about import duty by yourself.
Thank you for check this page and please check my other pages too!!
See you next time!!