When buying a PoE Security Camera System, there are many different features to consider to make sure that you pick an option that best suits your needs.

Audio Recording
Audio recording is an important feature to have in your PoE camera system. Hearing the different sounds in the area, you are monitoring can significantly increase your security. Most PoE cameras offer a built-in microphone, while others are compatible with external recording devices. Interested in buying an action camera? Check out the collection of best budget action camera

Most PoE cameras are installed outdoors and thus can get affected by external weather conditions. Because of this, many PoE cameras come with a weatherproof rating of IP66 or IP67 to indicate that the camera can withstand extreme temperatures as well as adverse weather conditions like storms and snow.
Video Resolution
Video resolution is an important aspect to consider because it defines what you can actually see in your surveillance footage. The resolution and picture quality of cameras ranges from 1080p HD to 4K Ultra HD. As the resolution of the camera increases, so does its cost. Additionally, some cameras also offer zooming capabilities if you want to focus on a particular area under surveillance.
Viewing Angle
PoE cameras have viewing angles that range between 80° to complete 360°. Before you purchase a camera, you must understand the area you want to monitor and decide what viewing angle you will require.
Night Vision and Motion Alerts
Almost all PoE cameras come with infrared LEDs to provide them with night vision. Night vision is an important feature of a camera and ensures that your camera works great even under low light. Cameras can also be set up to send instant alerts when unusual activity is detected, allowing you to prepare yourself in case of an emergency.
Remote Access
Remote access is one of the important features of a security camera as almost all break-ins happen when people are not at home. With most cameras, you have the option to stream video remotely and even control the movements of the cameras with nothing more than a smartphone app or desktop software.
Bullet cameras are great for home use, while dome and PTZ cameras are great for large businesses or outdoor use. I choose Reolink as my top pick because their cameras are a perfect balance between price and features. Each category also has budget-friendly and premium devices so that you can pick a camera best suited to your needs.