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Dan Brown really is a one trick pony and after THAT trailer I don't really see a point in actually watching the movie.. They revealed all the important bits..
The guy playing Bruce Lee annoys me 😂.


i love how many people says shit automatically when they see Van Damme is in the score. Fucking Retards... 90's action films FTW!!!.
Inferno. Online! Putlocker
It's Irrfan Khan again, hopefully he is not playing another westerner, because he should stick to acting as Indian in India or Pakistan. It just feels out of pace, like Jurassic World, it didn't feel right to most people. Slumdog and Life of Pi were however great..

So the order in which they are making the movies is 2-1-4-3. It's gotta be a code, but what can it mean?.

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Is it canon that the official point when graves became grindlewald roughly when he marched them into the interrogation room n sentenced them to death?.


Irfan Khan <3

I'm interested. I've read the hole Robert Langdon series and Inferno is definitely the best. and I'm glad the decided to skip The Lost Symbol (even as a fan of the character that book left a lot to be desired)..

I not a nomac I a wizard



Loved it.

From the martial arts team behind X-Men .... Lol wut

good .movie
they havent paid a dime on my claim ,and i ran a tug that worked for them for a minute!every on in my company got paid so far exept me.
I very much enjoyed watching this film. definitely would I recommend.
I preferred the Bruce Lee in Epic Rap Battles of History over this.


I'm sorry but Felicity Jones is no Sienna Brooks