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cheap breitling watches brands

Ben Balmer of Breitling watches talks movements, the difference between Japanese and Swiss and why watches matter.

6 Stylish Essentials For The Middle

Like most middle-aged men, my father worked hard his entire life. Now the mortgage is finally paid off and he no longer has any children sucking him dry for allowance, tuition and other costly fees. So, not only can he enjoy a worry-free existence, he also has plenty of rolex watches discretionary income available to treat himself to the finer things in life.

The funny thing is he rarely buys anything unless he really needs it. He seems to appreciate the simple yet more important things in life, and doesn't feel the need to own the latest, greatest electronic gadget or other luxury items. It's as if he feels guilty about spending money on superfluous things.

Well, I view things differently. I believe it's time for him to start treating himself for all those years of dedication and labor, and reward himself for all his cheap rolex accomplishments. He deserves it and can finally afford it, so why feel guilty about it?

So dad -- and all you well-deserving middle-aged gents reading this article -- here are six fashionable items you should look into buying yourself, because if you don't treat yourself, who will?

stylish self-giftsRolex Submariner watch

Get your hands on a more expensive, classy watch such as this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner made from 18-carat gold. It features a luxurious blue dial with matching unidirectional bezel.

Why? Rolex watches have proven that they can withstand the test of time, so this elegant timepiece could easily become a family heirloom.

Made to measure suit

Every man needs at least one chic, perfectly tailored high-end suit. You'll get all these elements with a custom-made suit, as you choose the style, fabric, and more importantly, the design that is made specifically for you.

Why? After years of wearing pants that are a little too short and blazers that are a little too wide at the shoulders, don't you think you deserve a perfect fit?

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