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Dimension of constantly innovation, created out more of let women out of fashion, and noble, and elegant, temperament of snow boots! black snow boots take Shi, also brings has good of buffer performance, has been compared doubts of problem is, in shoes Shang Zoom Air of marked appeared in has forefoot, according to habitual of ideas, this paragraph shoes should is only forefoot built-in has Zoom Air, but in official information Shang is wrote of is full Palm Zoom, from actual wearing of feels Shang for, followed by and no obviously Zoom exists of feels. The who the true from the false, we also canadidas basket profi up uk not determine out
But regardless of whether Zoom,Air followed by Zoom Legend have good damping properties. And certainly there are Zoom Air forefoot and acting was excellent, of course. When I first got this shoe, small told everyone these shoes Zoom, others or not, is condescendinglyadidas energy boost 2 uk say Jane shoes, how can there be Zoom technology, but was born in words. Perhaps because of this, leading to a price of Air Zoom Legend is not easy. Shock other than the contribution of the Zoom Air, and ultimately, Phylon material contribution. Air Zoom Legend very much of this material, which not only light and very flexible but durable enough. Forefoot similar Free places is made of their, well, balls of power and flexibility which helps a lot. Obviously, this shoe also led to Air Zoom

Legend destined to become infield booted destiny, durability is a leading cause of its much criticized. Although durability is not good, but the Air Zoom Legend ground control outsole's performance was good, including grip and reverse the effects of power are very satisfactory. Its bottom is basically copying the Zoom Kobe 1, material and there is no obvious difference between Chevron of bright color. A closer look, a bit depressing: except for the color of China, Chinese elements and then feel a little special, it's not cutting corners? Asked if people CONVERSE, just know that there's a not a moving story is no more twists and turns. Wade 3.0 is the CONVERSE of the Chinese version of recommendations made by the Chinese company, but the designs are not responsible for Chinese companies. At this point, CONVERSE more or less formal, old beauty that unbeatable ego is beyond help. Results of initial design draft