Spent 27.5 million pound buy Fellaini, winter transfer window of the Red Devils last season broke the record of 37 million pounds to buy Mata, and the effect of these two signings are very limited now. Taking into account the transfer window will be closed, criticized Manchester United even get hot di Maria deal, I'm afraid the price you pay in excess of 50 million pounds, a di Maria for Manchester United who now seems to be not enough. In other words, the Manchester United in the last 2 seasons, and 3 the total investment in the transfer window is likely to be close to 200 million, but from the squad depth, compared to Manchester United and Chelsea, Manchester City, arsenal seems to be a disadvantaged, which is surprising, the Red Devils in embarrassing the poor performance that will leave the team in the tranike air force 1nsfer market. Who is to blame poor transfer performance for the team? Display
Ran does not is just took office of van Gaal, led to team missed Champions League of predecessor coach Moyes has class, at best only counts as a a team bad performance of scapegoat, now of spearhead are points to has to wood Ward led of United Senior, in transfer introduction aid of Shang incompetence let team missed has small method, cross, strong aid, and now tesaucony jazz originalam in transfer market Shang of dilemma, with said is "scourge", than said "man-made" more suitable. Bodacious "ice bucket challenge" in football was becoming more and more popular in the near future, the Red Devils midfielder Anderson finished the challenge, and he called upon nearly 73-year old Alex race. In addition, the Manchester United captain, Rooney helped his wife Colleen completed the challenge, fat person
Wife shows a "lure wet." Manchester United midfielder Anderson to be in Manchester, the first person to accept "ice bucket challenge" to the player. In Kagawa, and with the assistance of a coach, Anderson poured through the body cool. Like wacky Brazil midfielder, suddenly screamed up and hopping mad, driven cold. Kagawa behind him and saw teammate's mess, and clap and laugh. As a rule, after Anderson completed the challenge has the right to name the new Challenger, but Kagawa, Fellaini and Sir Alex Ferguson, was named Anderson. Don't know is Sir Alex Ferguson, who is 73, is also able to carry out the difficult challenges? Perhaps Ferguson would have to contribute
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