Meeting Mohammad Ali al-Zahawi connected with Libyan Ansar al-Sharia
18 May 2012Last updated at 14:Second thererrrs 55 GMT Share this page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print Meeting Mohammad Ali al-Zahawi involved with Libyan Ansar al-Sharia By Ahmed MaherBBC Arabic, Benghazi Continue browsing the main story Anti-Islam film direct orders Q&A: Anti-Islam flick Film direct orders in pics Viewpoints Direct orders explained Mohammad Ali al-Zahawi, the particular commander of Libya's largest Islamist brigade, is simply not known amid Benghazi residents as the person who desires to attract multimedia attention. However in the recent weeks Ansar al-Sharia has come in the spotlight. The passing of life of US ambassador Christopher Stevens in a military-style approach on the Everyone consulate in Benghazi was initially the latest instance of lack of control attributed to his particular brigade - even if no data has respected such accusations. In an unusual step, Mr Zahawi allowed us give their first job to an intercontinental broadcaster - issuing a look into into his / her ideology. Continue reading the main story“Start up QuoteOur brave youths continues their have a problem until these people impose Sharia”Last part QuoteMohammad Ali al-ZahawiCommander of Ansar al-Sharia "We really are Blade and Soul Gold a brigade not a initiative," the person told BBC Persia TV on the brigade's fortified head offices in the heartland connected with Libya's second largest city. "We formed our brigade right after the toppling involved with tyrant [Muammar] Gaddafi. "We took part in all of the liberation of Libya but now they are really many brigades with different ideologies." The moment the dust complete after the internecine discord last year, a number of brigades have emerged across Libya. Endeavors by relating to officials to be able to encourage his or her's commanders to disarm need almost have shown futile. Ansar al-Sharia is limited exception. "It isn't the right time most of us give up the arms because we are inside a battle with that liberals, the secularists and therefore the remnants regarding Gaddafi," explained Mr Zahawi, 47, who was making use of jeans with a black checked shirt. Restless The brigade's building is actually minutes out from the city middle of the town. A group of highly armed teenagers with thriving beards mans the main entrance. These folks were nervous regarding our camera system. The directions were clear: Do not show our people and no recording inside. Indoors, our motion was restricted to one place and its fitted hall where exactly we surveyed Mr Zahawi. All of the brigade is performing openly want many others because the ousting of Col Gaddafi this past year. The interview ended up being closely watched with bodyguards and the media tool And they have a target they have not gained Blade and Soul Power Leveling yet. "Our daring youths will continue his or her's struggle unless they implement Sharia," Mister Zahawi said with assurance. The brigade posseses an ultra-conservative interpretation about Islam. Mr Zahawi confirmed inside the interview in which his brigade acquired demolished and additionally desecrated Sufi shrines in Benghazi, that they regard just as idolatrous. "It is a alfredia duty unpick these shrines because individuals worship any deceased that is suspended. It is not myself who pronounces so but rather our religious beliefs." 'No al-Qaeda link' Mr Zahawi is persuaded that the United States has an goal. The US consulate during Benghazi was set in place on fire the other day, killing Ambassador Stevens "Make no mistake, there is a massive Yankee onslaught with Muslim states. The crusaders choose to occupy all of our countries and additionally act as our own guardians. They can't respect our sovereignty," he was quoted saying. His brigade were linked to al-Qaeda however he meticulously approves from the strategy, he was quoted saying. "Al-Qaeda's strategy is geared towards weakening You hegemony on the Muslim nation,In he said. Enquired what this guy thinks of newly released statements expressed by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mister Zahawi said: "Such documents are a wake-up will need Muslims. "They help galvanise all the Muslim u . s ., maintain their dignity and even pride. "Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri is actually keen on safeguarding Muslim legal rights." Mr Zahawi reiterated his brigade had been not behind typically the attack upon 12 September on the You consulate in Benghazi. But your dog stopped in need of condemning the demise of the United states ambassador. "Do you think that this killing from the US ambassador is heinous than the numerous insults made in regards to the Prophet, peace always be upon your guy?" he or she asked. The People ambassador and a couple of other Individuals consulate staff were killed if the consulate was set ablaze within protests across an anti-Islam flick made in the US. "I swear by The lord that we may tolerate this killing however people together with wiping just about all countries heli-copter flight map and yet we cannot tolerate a single vow word that can hurt our prophet," he said. "They are weeping buckets on this ambassador however won't get rid of any tears when a multitude of Muslims are getting injured in these direct orders against the blasphemous dvd." After 30 minutes the job interview - which had been closely watched across by the armed protections and his media assistant And came to an end. We have expected that it is short achieving, but Mister Zahawi had comfortable and hot to his / her subject. He shook the hands cordially before most people left, nonetheless this hospitable manner could not extend on the guards what individuals escorted us in our vehicle.
Achieving Mohammad Ali al-Zahawi of Libyan Ansar al-Sharia
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