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I want to write I like to write. and I will write here what i want!

Good morning dear readers.
This Morning just got up, I woke up with a cold, so I drank a cup of hot water with lemon and honey. I need vitamins every day and I drink it every morning, to strengthen my immune system. as it was recommended.
But today, I have the cold, and I must to be very careful, not to get sick .
I was at the concert of Kiss at the Tokyo Dome on March 3, and I must say that screaming and jumping all night, I almost went off the voice. it was a beautiful evening and exciting. I love kiss band, and their music and was a long time, I was waiting to see you again, the live.
Now i must be in shape, for the concert of Moi dix Mois, Mana birthday. I can't wait!!!!
Will be spectacular !!
Meanwhile, I'm trying to make a healthy diet, only vegetables and seasonal fruits and meat white.
Detoxifying, and much green tea to get in shape to the date.
And always, for my health and my stomach,
Which rejects any junk food, i'm sick every time. > _ <

And finally!
I wanted to say that i started writing "my first book". Yeah, Now is official!
Before I was very insecure, and so, I did not want to say anything about it.
Well because it is actually already a few months, that I started, but of course the university, the work, and my various commitments, I have slowed down in this.
and I had to put in stop, momentarily!
up these days with exams finished. and admitted to the third year.
This morning, and these days, i continued to write the my romance.
I have said many times that i love to write, and I like to write something of my own. but write something, a novel or a text of a song, not is a walk, requires patience, look inside yourself and dig into your emotions hours of sacrifice in combat with themselves and to look within ourselves
create emotions. because yes; basically a writer is above all this: an artist!
And it is just like being a musician.
That you can create from scratch, not just stories and dialogues, melodies, but also emotions and feelings!
who can bring to life the reader or listener, something that not even he could imagine, try or know.
It would be wonderful for me to be able to write endlessly, words about words, melodies, non-stop, without fear of passing time, rain or shine.
Especially in a world like ours; agitated, confused, angry.
and it is nice to carve out every once in a small space to write, read on to play, or compose.

Yue (O)