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I want to write I like to write. and I will write here what i want!


Yesterday has been.. and gone.
Tomorrow will I find the sun
Or will it rain?
this no i know.
Everybody's having fun
Except me, I'm the lonely one.
feel shame of myself because different.
the problem was not me, but they.
i have a conscience and a sensitivity of a few.
I blame you have a great power, besides the consciousness of my actions.
I carry with me a secret locked in the deep.
afraid those around me
I hear voices that make me crazy.
Watching me, the time go.
And feeling, pain, belief grow.
People beseech me. and I learned to listen.
they are not evil .
listen and understand we want you happy. we do not want your suffering.
i need I say goodbye
Dreams that have shattered
Take another point of view
Doubts will arise, though, Like chasing a rainbow
Goodbye to evil friends,
I tell you Goodbye to all the past
I guess that we'll meet
We'll meet in the end
I do not want to have broken wings, I want to feel free; with you and my friend!
Yeah! I'm free again
It won't be me this time around make help. in vain
I say goodbye all this!
And I feel the time is right for me and you!
But I have to take this chance.
Come on now, together!

And I think the sun will shine again
And I feel I've cleared my mind
All the past is left behind again
that's true
You've got to believe in yourself
Or no one will believe in you
I can't believe, they stop and
And point their fingers, doubting me
Their disbelief suppresses them
But they're not blind
they won't see
I'm a believer
I ain't no deceiver.
i think now go away..
they leave, words and wind.
Their lights are hot and not dark as it was my heart.

Do not mind me, I'm gone, and I will not be a bother you even more ..
I found my way, close to my thirty years.
far from your heart sick and evil.

Happy New year!! クラッカー
i hope that you will continue and take care of me again. and thanks!
This is, a text of a song, for my friends, which I brought to the exhibition of 30 December.

I hope that my message, start the year, with positivity,and for all.
and my prayers for the new year, for my friends.

Yue お月様