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This looks like a great movie.

#vikrantmassey gr8 actor 👌👌👌👌

Bring something like xxx & Ragini mms returns desperately waiting 😊

Osm seril jo pyr kiye ho wahi smjh skte h

I watched all the episodes last night. Loved the story so much. But prominently the acting of vikrant massey he was just amazing in playing the role of broken city guy. He is most amazing actor. And about the story of series I must say if you will play it you won't be able to shut off till the end. Was so amazing. Every actor played their part beautifully. Amazing web series. Please make another season of it. Will be waiting..

I really love the story .I watched all the episodes in a day...shi h...find a soul jo apke jitni hi broken hu utni hi dameged ho that is the perfect match for uhh... because it happens in my real life.We both are broken..n now we heel each other..we complete each other😍😍😍😍love the the story idea❤️.

why cant i get this movie

Who came here after watching koffee with karan...vicky kaushal almost revealed..😉

I love this web series 👍💕💗💗💗

Yayy it's gonna stream on my Birthday! 😍😍

why are they all women and the only man is the pastor?


Broken season 2


This is a real life story about varun and divya 😍😍😍
Bablu pandit ka dhamaka
I really want a second season of this awesome series with the same cast.... the story is sooo good❤❤
Trust only God amen
oh i love watching vikrant❤


I watched the series and would say, the songs are too good and even series was also good, initially I expected dat it would be dragged, too much of emotions but I found its a mix and can be watched. Female lead friends and Male lead family ppl and all the supporting cast added light moment to the series. Finally its not that bad ekta kapoor...good series to watch😊...good story Ekta Kapoor....Vikrant too good👏.
Will we get season 2? Please

I don't think God expects you to go anywhere you don't fit in - I do not believe that to be biblical. If you fit in, how are you different from the world. I believe the bible says true christ followers are set apart, we are to be the light of this world - Jesus said, they hated me, they'll hate you to..

This one deserves a season 2...please make it happen!!!.
Psycho exes or bhoot bhooti exes?
Waiting for it ...


bablu bhaiyaa 💕 love from Pakistan