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Mini Potato Harvester Bullgirl specifications

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Specifications About mini potato harvester Bullgirl.



When used

Length 3,800mm width 1,500mm  height 1,330mm


When folded

Length 2,010mm width 1,050mm  height 1,330mm


Weight 550kg

What Bull can do:  harvesting, sorting, putting box.

Harvest work speed: 10a/About 2hours and half.


Number of people: 1 to 4

Adaptive width: 600mm-650mm

Standard digging depth :100mm

Number of containers available: 26

Start-up engine style: cell motor

Engine: Air-cooled 4-cycle OHV gasoline with cell

            (4.0ps) Mitsubishi Engine GB130


Contact: Fujishita corporation.


            address:5285-1otsu,aino, Unzen city,Nagasaki,Japan.


Our business

・We offer producing potato planter, potato harvester, and Chinese yam planter.

・We offer selling variety of agricultural machine products such as tractor, combine, harvester produced by KUBOTA, ISEKI, and YAMMER and more.

・We offer repairing and fixing an agricultural machine.



In Japan, FUJISHITA's potato harvester and planter have helped the mechanization of potato transplanting and harvesting, the most labor-intensive processes in potato farming, thereby reducing labor and increasing efficiency. Current president, Jitsuichi Fujishita has been selling, repairing and inventing agricultural machine for almost 50 years. As a specialist in this field, FUJISHITA offers reliable technologies to support as many potato farmers as possible.


Product Lineup

Potato seed planter JAGIRL2

Potato Harvester BULLGIRL

Chinese yam seed planter     

Chinese yam seed planter attached tractor