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Er cheye baaje chobi ar konodino dekhini.. ETA kono golpo holo. Amar 3din hangover chilo movie ta dekhar por.. Sorry to say.



Treat for ears.. What a masterpiece.. ❤️

This should receive the Grammy as well as the National award

THE INDIAN EXPRESS NEW DELHI ARINDAM SIL: MIDDLE OF THE ROAD DIRECTOR PRADIP BISWAS Arindam Sil who kicks up an upstart posture to present films in Bengali as a director are nothing but average filmmaker with a slant towards high-octane good cinema. In fact, it is not so. He has so far made four films with a sure box-office in mind. Aborto (2013), Ebar Shabor (2015), Har Har Byomkesh (2015),Swade Alhade (2015). One does not, however, object his inherently conceived idea to do so. But the point is when I came to know him and somewhat got close to him, he was a hefty Left-front supporter. Nearly popular to Tarun Majumder and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, erstwhile Chief Minister. Till then it was not apparent if he could shift from the sensibly good films. To be upfront, his Aborto probably is a film that wants to confirm a truth that he is a serious filmmaker. In his mouth names of Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen are often evident. He never hesitates to talk of them highly. His attempt to drag Mrinal Sen to his “photo session” and some sort of discussion on cinema at his Padmapukur apartment is an open truth. As I was very much present on Mrinalda’s birth day (14th May), I saw Arindam picking round panorama around the maverick maestro. Up to this, thin stands straight not alluring twist in his characteristic attitude. Then a time came when Arindm abruptly made a volte-face and joined the TMC, he was opposing so far in Television talks, external meetings and fraternal circle. Now he is the “bottle-holder” of TMC which he once compared with the fascist. The story is running without a pause and with hilarity. Surely, it hurt many and upset many a calculation. Myself too is naturally flabbergasted by his crazy turning point as I had soft spot for him. Problem of Arindam is that he seems to to be pulled to the cat-nip which misleads all. Said he: “But you have to understand what led to this change. The CPM is now in a defunct state. I waited for three years, believing in the values of Marxism. But having a belief in this system and believing in a particular party are not the same. The Left would always say that being in the seat of power was not everything, working for people was. So where were they for the past three years, when they were not in government? This just goes to prove that being in power is everything.” This is his fallacy. His premise on which he anchors is argument istoo faulty. His ignorance on dialectics is untenable. For his faith on Marxism is self thought that is bereft of “thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis. This being his feet of clay he could say “a party completely controlled by the Politburo in Delhi, a body which has no idea about the realities in Bengal. The Politburo should be here, why should the Karats be dictating what we should be doing?” No Arindam your entire ratiocination and premise to defend yourself is never pool-froof. This is why your base too early shaken off the ground. It also mirrors opportunism. Your seem to caught in your own net of erratic dialectics. For you never know one-window interpretation is never in the post-structuralist era. Said Arindam:“Everything is stuck because no decision-making is possible. Don't I have the right to criticize this statis?” Yes, he had all rights but you failed to as an argumentative Indian!!! Said he: “But if I raise my voice on this, that doesn't make me a Trinamool man. I had been against Mamata Banerjee from the core of my heart. So how is it I'm accepting her? It's because you can't deny the work she has done, especially in the field of culture, where her contribution is immense.” What blatant lie, Arimdan? I trust, you should read “decontructions” where you find your own answer. I take the example of Technician Studio as he said.. Said Arindam: “She's revamped the institution. At a time when the state is in a black hole of debt, she has done a lot in three years.” Again blatant gag!!!! But yes, there is more work to be done. Arindam said: “At the end of the day, whom I support is my personal matter. For that matter, I find that Narendra Modi to be a leader with a lot of promise.” Arindam, you have freakishly gone blind and thus you won’t ever find the logical premise on which the entire theory of logic is based. I regret your frail comprehension of dialectic, now interpreted by Terry Eagleton, Baudrilard add Margaret Atood???? Folding back to his films, I must admit by now Arindam has come to capture the logistics of how to make films with a cinematic structure. His Ebar Sabar shows the right morphology to pull his thriller to a pathetic end. His handling of the film is sans flaws as it is tautly structured with a thematic demand. Notionally, I such films are not my cup of tea. So I am unable to use more eulogy for Arindam. That he too is a producer is not unknown us. His target is to multiply more “pork barrel” for his utility. His Swade Alhade sparks off with feminist approach but at the end it dissolves into nothingness. Here too his deft handling of the motif is more or less on the fit trot. Domestic TV viewers, as it gathered, are over cloud nine. But looking within, I find the film marked with a feet of clay. Just deliberate thrust to put the cart before the horse is ridiculous. The wild intention to make all sections happy is just immoral and unethical. In the mention of patriarchy, a film is never delivered. It looks Arindam was too confused and foxed by the recondite run for more “pork barrel”. However, I have no aim to blackwash him. After all Arindam is what Arindam wanted to be in finality!!!!!! His coda logic lands in a farrago!!!!.

khub valo laglo

Anjon Dutter BOMKESH is BEST


আবীরের রাহুলকে টিপ্পনী টা চমৎকার ছিল।এত subtely 4th wall টা ভাঙা হয়েছে এককথায় দারুন।



akta ossomov cinemar opekhaya roilam....😍😍😍😍😍😍💜

waiting for it
Grand Revival of that classical era. We are still rooted & soulful music is still alive in our hearts. Will be a treat to our ears after the epic Jatishwar..
Mon chuye gelo❤❤❤❤
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Jaghanno gaan

darun r thanks svf
Amar sona sob theke bhalo Gan er theke kono bhalo Gan hotei pare na
Please upload me full movie
পরিচালক ঠিকই করে নিয়েছে ব‍্যোমকেশ কে নিয়ে কাটাছেঁড়া করবে,,,,শরদিন্দু বাবু এত সুন্দর একটা সৃষ্টির পিছন মেরে দিতে উঠে পড়ে লেগেছে,, যেটা হয়না সেটা করে কেন এসব পাগলু টাইপের ডিরেক্টর গুলো!! ফালতু,, ফালতু,,, ফালতু তোরা মশলা টাইপের ফিল্ম কর ব‍্যোমকেশ নিয়ে টানাটানি করিসনা।.

Beautiful but! Camrar eangel gulo vloo hoy nai....
Big fan of Byomkesh Bakshi
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