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The relationship that makes phony progressives' heads explode and spew racist insults at Maajid.


This explains the phenomena of apologists of Islamists/jihadists . Otherwise good people, but brainwashed into justifying Islamist terror & subversion activities.
6:04 She left the most important group off the list of those who have hijacked Islam; namely the CIA and its regional proxies. Look up Graham E Fuller and the doctrine of 'political Islam.' He's even written a book on the subject..

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I can certainly understand that people are so scared because Islam has been like a rumbling Tsunami for almost 14 centuries. It is invading their cities and the hearts of their loved ones despite its young age, and the tremendous difficulties to practice it. Violence was carried to Islam by people angered and hurt by the injustices in the world who saw refuge in its teachings about justice and fairness. They could not abandon their negative feelings at the door, mainly because the society did not give them that chance. These types of movies will do nothing but cause more rift. Tsunamis cannot be fought, they are prevented. Gandhi said It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. He also said “Where choice is set between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence ... I prefer to use arms in defense of honor rather than remain the vile witness of dishonor...”. He also said: “The Roots of Violence:.


This is kinda funny, you cant reason with evil Sam. Makes money saying the same thing over and over again. Cant knock the hustle it just seems like hes just in it for himself..


I love you Sam but you can't be further from the truth! A lot humans are genuinely bad and will do bad thing if they had the chance and no consequences. Civilisation and society and fear are holding many back. Just look at human fantasies and role models! Look at history and who were considered heros! The holocaust example is irrelevant because if Germans won they will be treated as heros and Americans will be the war criminals and the crying victims of the century could've been the Japanese or any other nation that suffered. Thinking that a bad person is a cannibal is just not true. Morality is just a transparent glass, what you see in it or through it depends on where you stand from it, the lights, the cleanness of it.... etc! It will never be a black and white issue until we all stand in the same shoes at the same time..

<3 both u guys

he's trying to be really diplomatic coz his muslim friend is in the room, which is so unlike him when you compare his stance in other debates/talks/forums,.

I should be saying something reflective and intellectual...but DAY-um there be some hotties in the audience at 19:22 :P
Impressive! He explained carnism and speciesism in less than 4 mins.
We slaughter 56 BILLION land mammals each year, supporting the biggest holocaust on Earth. There is no moral difference between a chimp, a cow, a dog and a kid..

Cant wait for the release

Taqiyah taqiyah even Majid used it unfortunately

Islam and the Future of Tolerance (2018) English Full Movie Free Download

QuilliamFoundation allowing a comment section... well their not funded by the BBC that's for sure!!! good on you! you have my respect.
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when you tolerate the intolerant its all over for you


Globalization and the new world order attempt is all prophesied in the bible. It's funny how atheists talk about all of these things and rejects the bible when so many prophesies have come to pass from it and are in folding even now.....

Majiid Nawaz is a religious person and for him to criticize religious people but not religion seems quite hypocritical.
Sam Harris .. the kind of human being humankind needs more of.
Islam and the Future of Tolerance to watch online for free,
Maajid nawaz he is blaming other people but the Islam itself that should tell you something about maajid nawaz sheep's in cloth protecting terrorist ideology..

Why was this deleted?!
Sam is amazing, who has made this movie by the way?.
Sam Harris & Maajid Nawaz are intelligent people. But what they are missing is the role geo-politics in the Middle East that has affected Islam and its people. When Osama Bin Laden or ISIS say that they want to take revenge of US destruction in Middle-East by bombing and killing Western World, I see some 'logic' in that. The US due to their oil interest did exercise violence. But is it the only logic for Osama or ISIS to do so? From around 700 AD, right since the birth of Islam, Islamic kings and rulers have killed and tortured millions of non-Islam in the name of Islam, around the world. They invaded countries like India, and murdered, raped centuries after centuries. There was no US provocation in 700 AD. Still the muslims killed millions. But today US has given them a valid reason to justify their cause. I have lived very closely to Indian muslims, who are everyday-self-proclaimed peaceful citizens. But I have learnt that a practicing Muslim is asked to despise a non-muslim in every subtle way, politically, socially and religiously. 'Reason' and 'Passion' rarely go hand-in-hand. The basic premise of most religion is reason to believe in something, all-the-while trying to push one towards a 'passion' which stops listening to reason. These two guys here calmly discussing about Islam and its future, would never understand the 'passion' for 'religion' because they still believe in 'reason'. But if you really think about why a 10 year old Iraqi boy wears a suicide vest or a highly educated man such as Mohammed Atta blows up the WTC, you would see that Passion triumph over Reason. The world needs to open up to 'reason' but with Geo-politics of 21st century, it will take a long time to eradicate the 'vile' passion as 'religion' finds its boost in the foreign policy of US and most of the Western World..

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