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What's the first song ?

Read the book

Carly from inbetweeners sister lol

Great list! It's so much more than a basic top ten video, just like all your videos! Thank you for a great year of content!.



was the green book not even worth to mention? *smh

common!! terminator is sending his doggie now? ?



Another Danish materpiece

This kind of puts into perspective the big moral issue we're gonna have one day when we develop AI that can practically feel for itself. Half the world will be yelling to give them rights, and the other half will be screaming about the robot being in control and that they're feelings are fake and merely based on algorithms. Even though that's... How humans work too....


I liked Hereditary a lot but in my opinion Suspiria exceeded expectations and was the best horror movie of the year..

You know what, I didn't mind this movie that much and personally I enjoyed it, even though it was not that great. Some people are just too harsh.

The sound effect for the punch at 2:03 is so cartoonish 🤣🤣

sieht voll langweilig aus. Was rätselhafte Filme angeht war Searching relativ gut.



stupid movie , seth rogen is so untalented.
America is riddled with child rape. Let's keep immigrants out now.
Finally a fantastic list of best 2018 films
Didn't know there was a book about it, but I'm gonna read it. This seems very accurate about the world we are living in.... (and this is scary asf). Also, I love this actress Amanda.