Day 88

Monday is my day off. I really feel lucky to my restaurant is closed every monday.
When my manager asked me to work in kitchen, I decided to hard work this year.
And I will leave Sydney next year January or February. Until then I work hard and hard and make money!!!
Last week I started work as a sushi chief.w Me?? haha
But yes, now I'm a sushi chief. I learned how to make sushi (not really) but the end of last week, I enjoyed being a sushi chief. lol
So, as I work in kitchen, I need like a crocss slipper, because we clean up kitchen every day use water and soap. So I need to be careful when its start. But if I wear that kind of shoes I don't need to worried about get wet. I can wet! lol
So lazy holiday, I woke up around 12 noon, do laundry eat last night stuff meal for lunch, take shower and watch Wendy Williams on youtube. But look outside, beautiful weather.
Why I stay in my house, why not go outside now!!
I headed to Macvillage shopping center.
It took 15min to walk, I think. Looking for cheep slipper. But couldn't see any, so went to Kmart inside the mall.
Yay I found $5 look alike crocss slipper!! yayayayayayayayaya :)
I was so happy!! Then went to woolweath to buy snack.
chips, cracker, ,almond, cashew, and yogurt. It about $30.haha
When back home I walk total 30 min so I scale my weight. Oh no.........
I eat stuff meal everyday, eat nuts everyday, eat snack everyday, eat dinner around 11pm everyday..... Yeah i know what I did... Oh no Oh no 2kg gain weight :(
I don't eat dinner today!! but I eat that's why I gain weight, I know.
I had much time so I decided to rental DVD, before that I googled movie. Two of my friend from Korea they recommended " About time" I thought it "Time traveler's wife'' because of same actress and little bit same time travel story. But they recommended "about time"
I found DVD rental machine at IGA so I decided to go there. But before that googled the machine have "about time" And yeah it has but said "region 4"?????
Wait a second, it means I need to change region my mac??
Yeah I need, my mac region is 1 which is US, and region4 is Australia. Well no thank you.
I decided not rent a DVD this time.
After that I stayed home and watched movie and internet surfing.
Suddenly my mac had popup it said " your mac had infected you need to call 1 800......
and your credit card password.....
It was really scared, so I shout down my mac immediately.
And then install anti virus free trial soft. I still nervous about virus but maybe ok.
I was really happy today but now I'm sad little bit.
But anyway I had good day88
28th September 2015