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Hey there, I've got a little issue. I recently purchased a Razer Megalodon which is a super expensive and beefy headset with 7.1 surround sound. The only problem is it takes up 62% of my USB bandwidth. So while I'm using it I'll get a Bandwidth Exceeded error message followed by this window:

Note that the 3% composite USB has now been removed, I only plugged it in to get the error message to come up.

I fixed that issue with ignorance a week or two ago, by simply muting my microphone. Apparently my microphone was pushing it over and I would have to live without it. Now I really want my microphone, and am forced to face the issue. I know that ultimately I might have to purchase a new USB hub but I was hoping that I might possibly be able to remove that System Reserve that is taking up a whole 10%?

So my questions are:

1. Is it possible to remove (or decrease) that System Reserve USB sol republic headphones Bandwidth?

2. Will it negatively effect my computer if I do?

3. Do you recommend me in doing so?

I have tried moving the USB device elsewhere. I have 2 jacks in the front but they are apparently on the same USB Hub because I get the same message. I'm not sure what you mean by USB headers on the Motherboard, could you explain what I should be looking for there? I have also seen that Hot Fix from Razer previously (when I called their support number) and unfortunately it is only for Vista users. When that did not work sol republic tracks hd they told me I would need to purchase a new USB hub.

So the System Reserve probably shouldn't be removed then? Is there a way to reduce it to 5% or so? If not, what might be another option instead of purchasing a new hub?

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