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Yes more uc gundam. Also ready for the new 00

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Lisa is beautiful!

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DVD release date?

How Much I Love You Free Stream Watch Here dual audio

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Es bellísimo.jpg Ver a estos 2 grandes colaborando
Yeap! That's a good ole curb stomping
Who time traveled?

banagher and mineva are married now
Slunecnice - Vita Sana Club
lbih mirip Unicorn atw banshee di upgrade
I hope nothing big drops from the space.

But Grandpa, why are those people still having a war?

When that one Norwegian telepathic try-hard in CSGO wrecks you and you're like bro we weren't even ready/the sun was in my eyes.


Where's the banagher?
what beautiful song
Crossbone era!!!
Is Amuro Ray dead or something? Haven’t seen him since Zeta
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that soundtrack sound like seven deadly sins




30th November Will you upload this series in this gundaminfo?


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Oh man that is hype. The Federation finally using those armored bases again like the one from Gundam Dendrobium. Is that the Narrative docked into one?

Is that Phenex?!?! I must watch this!!!
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so new types are like coordinators
>Gundam f91 is at the very end of UC lol no it doesn't
Ruined an unnecessary
I don’t know why I imagined aikiro from kill la kill popping up 😂

هاثاوي . . .سوف أستمتع بلحظة إعدامك
Samsung Daily News – 2018-11-04 – STATOPERATOR
Sawano Hiroyuki and LISA. Oh boy
The Equalizer 2 – Smart Tech

getting my wallet ready for new kits

Still pissed about what he did to Chan!!!!

Human greed. Can not leave good things alone. I hoped UC Gundam would not get ruined like Star Wars, But Bandai/Sunrise wants more kits and merchandise to sell. Oh well..
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i dont like this song.... better unicorn ost
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is this supposed to be a 30 minutes show, or a short web shot like twilight axis?
Well, Gundam has always been Mecha Star Wars Japan version in a certain sense. So it's no surprise they would go mad level with the pseudo-science. I mean mind control, superpowers, & immortals already exists anyway..

Ugh wake me when they start focusing on Thunderbolt again...

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sambungan dari unicorn
New gundam? No, New Unicorn
Okay, shit on me all you want but, while this is a very informative video, jfc your voice man. Its boring me to sleep like crazy. Its like your whispering to record an ASMR tape. Put some energy into it !.
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