Mr.ROD promotion!!


お得なseason promotion でございます❣️

Pitchoune Bonjour,

Please come to check our new Art Director good vibes,and be served with the elegance of Paris, with newTechnics, Japanese technology and Products.

Our smiley Japanese staff will give you the 555^gogogo (in Japanese) Full set seasonal Services that include for: RM 555

 "Design Cut that look like you,

 Colour that match your skin,

 SuperTreatment that will enhance the beauty of your hair texture,"

and mo0ore of our magic tricks that will make you happy with yourself everyday from Now on...!

Don't hesitate to call for advices from"Mr.ROD or come for an appointment with us.

Merci beaucoup !



you are welcome to call for Appointment :

  Pitchoune A3 Publika 2Floor

tel N0 : 0362078100 "Japanese日本語

   or : 0362111310 "English, French, spanish, Italien..."Europeen Language available"

this message is From Pitchoune staff, please have a nice day or a better one with us...!