Thank you for getting interested in the parts which I manufactured.
It is description of a payment method.
When you wish to purchase, send me e-mail by the subject name "mail order hope."
Please tell me your address, name, and postal code number.
I investigate a mailing cost.  


All the products introduced here are reduced to 1/12.


One locker is 1,000 yen.

The vaulting horse is 1,500 yen.

The guardrail is 1,000 yen.

Two kinds of guardrails set one. You can connect it if you purchased two or more.

The tatami mat is 500 yen with four pieces. Please choose the color of the tatami mat among four colors.

A half-tatami kit costs 300 yen.

Please choose the color.

The spiral staircase is 1,500 yen.

The drum is 1,000 yen in two of them.

Please choose the color

The shopping basket is 1,200 yen with two.

The beer case is 1,000 yen with two.

Please choose the color.


The price of the Coin Locker kit is 3000 yen.


A set of 5 color cones costs 500 yen.


Jerrycan in a set of 5 is 1000 yen.


The two stepladders are 1000 yen.



A set of 16 1.8-liter bottles costs 1000 yen. There are two types, a dark set and a transparent set.


Dark set


Transparent set


A set of 20 beer bottles costs 1000 yen.


A set of 12 wine bottles costs 800 yen.


The three-color set of plastic tank is 1000 yen.


Two sets of trash cans with lids cost 1000 yen.


The case of a 1.8 liter bottle is 1000 yen for two sets.


The TV set costs 1000 yen.


Bottle set A is 800 yen.

The image below was painted by me.


Bottle set B is 1300 yen.

The image below was painted by me.


A vending machine reduced to 1/12 costs 4,000 yen for one unit.
Choose the color red, blue or white.


A vending machine reduced to 1/12 costs 10,000 yen for a 3-color set.


The barricades to display are 1300 pieces in a set of 4 pieces.


The recycling box is 800 yen for a two-color set.


A set of 18 plastic bottles costs 800 yen.


The tractor cycle reduced to 1/12 is 2700 yen.


It is PayPal and can pay.
I send an item by EMS.
I am not good at English.
Please ask a question, if it may not understand.

先日予告させていただきました通り、「1/12 トラクターサイクル」のパッケージが到着しましたので販売価格の方を改めさせて頂きます。「1/12 トラクターサイクル」は税込2970円とさせていただきます。




先日発売しました「1/12 トラクターサイクル」:2750円(税込)ですが、準備が遅れておりましたパッケージが2月20日前後に届くことになりました。