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This movie just won Best Picture at Golden Globes, and Rami Malek won best actor !!.


she's not nominated

Michaela will always have my heart

0:21 - is that the girl from MI Fallout?


PLEASE Netflix let there be a soundtrack! Love Michaela Coel, and want that bar scene song!
where is Alex Strangelove?
This movie was... absolutely amazing! I mean... wow... I was thoroughly entertained, and the end... yes, I sang and waved hands along with the crowd. I mean, how could I not!!!?!?! Always loved the music by Queen, but now, I am loving it even more. The actors, were all ace, completely and utterly great! Their music is immortal and will live on forever. Period!.
it's gonna be another over the top glorified big pile of more over the top BS..

I'm here again after seeing them win the Golden Globes!! Very well deserved!!


Paul Walker is rolling in his grave.


we miss you Freddie
OMG Yasss!! I love musicals. I’m so here for it!!
2019 Golden Globes, Best Motion Picture - Drama and Best Actor in a Drama!!!! Congrats,Queen and Rami!!!!
On paper this film ticks all the boxes, on screen its fantastical execution carries no weight leaving you a little unfazed by all the jazz. Shame, British stories need to stories which transcend but not ones that are poorly tacted on with cheap 'devices'..

Omg the first one I agree with TOTALLY
So Tracey can sing?
Christmas Prince looks horrible.
So fast and furious as usual went from awesome car movie action to mission impossible...
I really just want some chewing gum.
Youtube isnt working again 50 views 88 comements And 166 likes this is weird
Looks brilliant! Looking forward to seeing this.
Dwayne johnson is legend till universe ends its borders
Now I understand why my dad watched this movie.