oshidori-acupuncture massage clinic blog

oshidori-acupuncture massage clinic blog

We are running Massage Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic in Shizuoka city.


We have rainy season in Japan.

The rainy season has set in one month early this year in Japan.

But, A weather forecast said "The rainy season is over as usual".

So, It's going to go on for two months !?


Rainy season say "Tuyu(梅雨)" in Japnese.


It's easy to get sick during this time.

For example, headache, knee pain, old wound, stomachache......


In the idea of oriental medicine, "Shituja(湿邪)" invade our body during Tuyu.


湿(shitu) mean wet.

邪(ja) mean evil.


If Shituja invade our body, it accumulate in down of our body.

And Shituja has sticky.

So It is though that the illness is hard to recover.


We have a check point about Shituja in our body.

It's tongue.


You should check your tongue every moring.

The tongue show me my health.


If there are much white moss on your tongue and traces of tooth profile around your tougue, it's sign of Shituja accumulation in your body.

You should heal tiredness and sweat and don't chill your stomach !






It's getting warm recently.


I planted spring flowers in front of my clinic.

During this winter I  remade nice pots from broken pots.

I love this time to making  and painting time.

And, I made umbrella stand from branches.

Now is very convenient to search good design from internet.

I like this time too. Because I can get funny imaginations from them.



Acupuncture and moxibustion are good for Headache & Back tension.

Nowadays We use eyes everytime for PC and Smartphone.


So The case makes us eyestrain and headache.

And The posture of PC and Smartphone makes us backtension too.


But nowadays We must use them everytime.

So we need a prevevtion !


Prevention is better than cure!


It got cold.

I saw snow coverded Mt,Fuji last Sunday.

I feel autumn season when snow coverd Mt,Fuji and the aroma of Kinmokusei(Fragrant olive in English).


A few weeks ago, I digged sweet potatoes with my wife and kids.

We got many sweet potatoes.

And my kids got many grasshoppers.

My wife made it Daigakuimo(Candied sweet potato) and sweet potato cake.

It was delicious!

It'll get more cold,we'll cook baked sweet potato on stove.

It's great season for our stomach. 


Do you know "Kyuto-shin"?

After insert needles in your back, I put a ball of moxa end of a needle and light it.

I often hear from patients, It feel like taking spa.

It's called warming needle in English.

I insert "Kyuto-shin" into anybody region.

If you had lower-back pain and stiff-neck, stiff-shoulder, your lower-back and neck and shoulder might be a little cold.

Cold means Tight.

So, "Kyuto-shin" warm up there region and make them soft.



I introduce one of acupuncture moxbustion treatment.

It's "Shiokyu".

First put salt into a cylinder.

Second  put moxbustion on the salt.

Third burn the moxbustion.


So maybe It's called "Salt Moxbustion" in English. 

"Shiokyu" make good conditon for our stomach and intestine.

And "Shiokyu"make us relax and feel confortrable.

Because There are many immune system(lymph node) in our stomach and intestine.

So it's very important to raise up our temperature as taking a hotspring.

Salt is effective in keeping warm our temperature.

Bath salt is also very famous as the same effect.

Let's try Shiokyu !


Recently we've been doing moxa treatment everynight for raise up our immune system.
We use "stick on moxa".We say "daizakyu" in Japanese.

Because, it's easy to use them.So everyone can use them.
Effect of moxa treatment are relax and easily sleep.
Good sleep is the most important to raise up our immune system.
We selected Tensu(天枢) and chukan(中脘) and Ashisanri(足三里).

These Acu points are great for our health.


Acupunctre  and Moxibustion is called Shinkyu in Japanese.

We use disposable acupuncture needles.Our acupuncture treatment will regulate the vital energy flow of "Qi" by stimulating acupuncture points("Tsubo in Japnese").

Pain will be reduced by directly manipulating muscles and nerves.

For our moxibustion therapy moxa is burnt directly on your skin.

In the same way as acupuncture,it has a therapeutic effect on the area of pain as well as the entire body.

Please enjoy the scent of the Japanese incense and moxa.

And There are many kinds of Shinkyu therapy.

I'll introduce next time!