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Bentley considers designing new model type outside the Country Bentley may build its second new type in Bratislava, Slovakia, us president Wolfgang Schreiber has said. It could be the first time a whole new Bentley model might not be made in it really is factory at Crewe. The car, your sports utility vehicle with yet to be named, is main to Bentley's mean to almost twin sales by way of 2018. Last year, sales rose 22% to eight,510 cars, having operating proceeds rising to help 100.5m dollars from 8m dollars in 2011. Bentley's German born parent supplier, Volkswagen Crew, is expected to give the green gentle for the unit within 2 or 3 weeks, Mr Schreiber pointed out. The SUV, which has been 100 % redesigned once it was revealed as a approach at the The coming year Geneva motor indicate, would subsequently hit the in 2015 and also 2016. Thereafter, it needs to clock together sales regarding some About three,000 or simply 4,1000 cars per year, about a 1 / 4 of the count of trucks Bentley expects to distribute by 2018, Mister Schreiber predicted. Balancing likes and dislikes Mr Schreiber's suggestion that will Volkswagen Team's plant within Bratislava might get the modern Bentley is based on its own proven skill to produce Vehicle models meant for other marques in the group, for instance the Audi's Q7 and the Vw Touareg. Such a decision may be based on a substantial cost-benefit analysis that is going to need to match members of Volkswagen Group's enter of conduite. "We will do exactly what is right for the viewers, and for Bentley," Mr Schreiber said. "It's not happened to be finally chose." There are the same as constraints about production ability at Crewe, as was the situation in 2004 and The year 2006 when several Bentley Flying Field models were made in Dresden, Belgium, to satisfy expanding demand. Really, this is where Bentley's very own board from management love to make the Truck. "Of course, let us do everything to receive the car in order to Crewe," reported Bentley's chief investment officer Jan-Henrik Lafrantz. Some,000 EverQuest Next Power Leveling men and women who currently make Bentleys are also wanting to make sure they can get the design, as it could bring about further jobs being made. "We know that each of our people for Crewe are very driven to get the brand to Crewe, therefore we as a snowboard support in which, not just considering they are motivated but more because they are skilled," reported Mr Schreiber. "But you will find the chance the whole automobile will be made in Bratislava, and that we will probably deliver segments to Bratislava. "If all the ingredients - that leather, that seats, your dashboard - are made in Crewe, afterward whether or not it is assembled the gym, it will continually look and feel in addition to smell like your Bentley." Such indecision will be seen as a indication of disagreement throughout Volkswagen Crowd about the most effective way forward. But Mister Schreiber rejected an EQN Power Leveling excellent assertion which he was stressed from the Nova Group table to have the SUV made in Bratislava. As soon as asked, his / her responded: "That's a definite no.Inch Bentley considers assembling new type outside the United kingdom
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