Birthday! | 宇都宮のマンスリー・ウィークリー:大礒開発


it is her 17th birthday!

I already missed being 17 years old ....

I seemed to be thinking about course carefully and heard stories that surprised me the other day ... · · ·

I was surprised and at the same time, I did not seem to think about anything, so I admired the fact that I was actually thinking properly.

I never thought about primary school students forever but I think they are far more adults than their parents think ...

It is very different from my 17 years old!

The feelings that I want to cheer and the unfathomable feelings change and I will occupy my heart, but when I think about my daughter's future

Good luck I have to have the courage to cheer and I wonder ....


Today 's dinner in response to my daughter' s request · · · Maybe it is going to be eating out 💦 (lol)

Let's eat delicious things together!


Happy Birthday!