unganji temple | 宇都宮のマンスリー・ウィークリー:大礒開発


Hi, all!

... which I play truant and do blog and do not finish


Has JR East watched the commercial (Basho edition of the attire of a black bird costume) of "the holiday club of adult?"

I went.

Slightly great ...

Moment, I who stood in the main gate of a Buddhist temple were not able to move an inch.

I was speechless at trees, the Buddhist sanctum in the high place which I approached, and came only for breath.

I hesitated about crossing the red bridge.

In the sense that it is warm and invites when air changes when I pass through the main gate of a Buddhist temple fearfully and enter the inside and relaxes

It was attacked.

I could not express it by the words well, but, anyway, was the first experience.

I have not really tasted that sense so far

It was transcribed into "a power spot" in the net. That overwhelming power is semisurely vulgar (laugh)


If everybody has time, please go to right or wrong 1 degree.

Though it is slightly far, the value of seeing is reliable.


Though I do not come, I ride the photograph with much effort.