2005-03-07 22:08:15


Over the past 5 years, Swiss-born Francois Chabloz (aka Chab) has risen through the ranks of dance music producers/mixers to emerge as one of the most exciting club artists worldwide. His work has appeared on 6 Global Underground collections, in collaborations with other artists such as DJ Nukem, remixes of Nelly Furtado and Cevin Fisher, and now on his first album as an artist Dub, Edits and Whisky-Coke. The release of this album, on Satoshi Tomiie's SAW Recordings, is eagerly awaited in progressive house circles and few will be disappointed. Rock elements, electroclash attitude, the sound of organic instruments and pure house beats all blend to create an exciting program of dance songs ready for the dancefloor, home soundsystem, or even hip retail outlet.

The leadoff track "You and Me" led me to wonder if someone had stashed a mid-70's Pong game in the back of my stereo cabinet. The relentless bleep so reminiscent of the game lies in counterpoint to a more traditional house beat leading to a bit of disorientation, but by the time the album's mix leads into track 2, it is all part of the seamless sonic blend. Track 2, the album's first single "Closer To Me," is a scorcher. Vocalist JD Davis is a welcome presence and lends rock intensity to the catchy tune underlined by the organic sound of timpani figures. "Monster," the second track featuring Davis on vocals, is a bit darker and moody, but again the catchiness of melody alongside the pleasing use of acoustic guitar strumming clings to your brain and will not let go.

Vocal tracks are not the only pleasures to be found on Dub, Edits and Whisky-Coke. The heavily techno-influenced "My Memory," in parts 1 and 2, slips effortlessly into a dreamy mode outstanding for early morning. "Us and Them" is a full-bore instrumental workout featuring horror movie effects that are nearly a trademark of Chab's work. Whether looking for arresting vocal music or expandable instrumental prog house, DJs can dig deep into this album.

Chab's album is a very impressive debut. His music plays out with the sure hand of someone with many years experience working in collaboration with some of the world's greatest dance music talent. It is hard to identify significant weaknesses here and the peaks are many. Look for these sounds to permeate through clubs and anywhere melodic dance beats are welcome for months to come.

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2005-02-08 00:48:10

Blue six

Blue six aka Jay Denes not only wrote all the songs and most of the lyrics on the album, but he also engineered and mixed everything, a rarity in today’s modern music marketplace where few remain responsible for the total sound of their album from top to bottom. Multi-instrumentalist Mark Anthony Jones - a rising star in his own right - appears on a number of the songs on Beautiful Tomorrow, on guitar and vocals (as in the deep, yet simple stylings of “Yeah”) as does partner Dave Boonshoft (on bass). Six different female vocalists including Lisa Shaw and Catherine Russell among others, each with pleasingly distinct yet humble styles (i.e. no unnecessary vocal gymnastics) help Denes illustrate his emotional points in a unified way.
Watch the video for BLUE SIX : "Music and Wine"

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2005-02-04 02:36:41

naked music NYC

I love naked music releases just as much as I love their record covers. This doesn't disappoint with a real beauty on the cover. Back to the track itself, this is the final release in the Reconstructed Soul series where they have remixed some great vocal tunes over the last few years. The remix of Its Love is typical of Naked Music's style, simple and effective beats, minimalist samples and the high quality vocals. The backdrop for these vocals have quite a heavy bassline and very few beaks which makes a change for a vocal house track. If I fall has a killer bassline which sounds really rich and full. It's a much more upbeat track than the last with a crisp sounding sax and short and sharp strings. The vocals for this release are absolutely storming, and are not over done.
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2005-01-25 00:18:45


Although It had already finished last August,but I didn't write down my memories on anywhere at that time, so I write down here now.

First,this may be photo of the chemical brothers live time.They played on 2nd day at green stage.

The Chemical Brothers have a habit of recording sonically perfect albums hen tricking us in and out of those same rhythms when performing live.

The Green Stage, when filled to capacity is an enormous space for sound to resonate in HeyBoy, Hey Girl bouncing off the tree tops, some 30,000 people making space enough to move.

Teased as a dozen or so acetates of the acid tribal monster "It Began In Afrika" were presented, removing debris, laying concrete and generally paving the way for their latest sweat.
Contriving a craving amongst those with an affinity for a big, bouncy kick drums and scratchy beats.
Simply, essential listening with average VJ-ing ucky for us The Chemical Brothers are always condusive to some rocking shut eye.

My friend taguchi who went to there with me perfectly fucked up...

To be continued...
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2005-01-24 02:56:23

This is my blog site on English.

I'm feeling afraid for study abroad which I will go to Boston on September. It's whether I can talk with foreign people or not.

May be,if my consciousness didn't make me to study English, I may not talk with foreign people.

Becouse I decided to write concerning on my hobby,diary,one day impression,,more and more using English.

For now,,,don't mind about mistakes of grammar...
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