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The Beach Boys Shred I Get Around - YouTube
Anyone know the music used in this?? Looks really interesting
Nice can't seem to fix problems but you can sure make a movie to make money off of the problem
the kid actor of margo looked a LOT like cara


My father worked at buick city for 30 years. When GM found that it was getting to expensive to keep up with an 60 year old aging structure and infrastructure. They bailed. Also, the unions got to damn greedy. Many workers could be sitting on their ass for 8 hours making 21 to 30 bucks an hour reading a book and pushing a few buttons. When the city council members seen this happening, they did nothing or not do enough to help keep or bring in new businesses in the area to try to keep the economy alive. And so, no tax base, no money to pay for shit. I am glad I got out of that hell hole!.

05/10/2009 · Subscribe to board the Dinosaur Train! Sing along and learn dinosaur names A to Z! New videos twice a week! The Jim Henson Company has..
The cure for the newspaper industry’s ills was once thought to be a “hyper-local” focus, but that’s not proving to be the salve for New York City, which is suffering an..
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@Lolman316 IM JEALOUS 
A top London cop is assigned to investigate a seemingly sleepy town, which suddenly starts to stir with a series of grisly "accidents." Watch trailers & learn more.

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Dec. 9 2016, my uncle was taking me and a friend to see this movie. The only one showing it on my birthday was in Santa Monica, an hour away. We were running late and sat down the second the movie started, never thought I would walk out thinking it was my favorite movie. I do not know why but there is just something about this movie... I love it..

Was she like 15 or 16 here? Wow, great acting
Both the movie and book has an amazing Intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I Right??!?!??!
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One of the best movies last decade

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The ending broke my heart....they should have stay together....

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She probably suicided at the end... It actually seemed like it

Join Queen Creek Town Council for the State of the Town on Feb. 20

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Such a good movie



29/03/2013 · the beach boys shred Credit to massbetelnut for the original upload.

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that movie.. just wrecked my heart 💔 Like no matter how fantasy the universe was.. they had to slap you in the face with the reality of this cold world.. the universe can bring two people together, only next to tear them apart.. this is my life currently.. 💔.

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Je veut le film complet
Vaucher, which now makes watch components, began making parts for the new company. That same year, Mr. Parmigiani persuaded Chopard to base its watchmaking in Fleurier. The town’s revival had begun. Company Town Film, Company Town | Link TV. Company Town | Bullfrog Films: 1-800-543-3764. The groundbreaking investigative documentary Company Town follows local pastor David Bouie as he fights to save his community. Skip to main content. Link TV. KL Sticky Header Menu Icon. Menu. Link TV. Company Town Watch Now. Shutdown Causes Medicine Shortages and Suspended Food Programs in Native American Communities. Company Town (2016) - IMDb, Company Town can fuel discussion of urban revitalization policies in cities across the country looking to high tech and the sharing economy. Is it inevitable that the future is a luxury city that caters to the new knowledge workers and tourists?, Fleurier, a Swiss Watch Company Town - The New York Times. The official site of the feature documentary film, Company Town. The official site of the feature documentary film, Company Town..

The best movie I've ever seen in my life

Who came here for ikon billboard interview?
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I'm excited

You know a director is good when he can extract the best performances out of his cast. I never thought in a million years Blake Lively could deliver a performance like that in this movie. Everyone is fantastic in Ben Affleck movies. .
urrggh i csn't put my finger on this acting talent she has!!URRGHH!!!She makes everything so realistic!!.
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The movie was very good; but this trailer was incredible. ...spoiled the whole fucking movie, however.

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It literally killed me when I watched this knowing the ending will be me.
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Ben affleck looks like ryan reynolds in this movie

Just saw this the other day and Emma Stone deserves Best Actress for her performance
Her Stolen Past
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good movie , but not as good as Point Break in my opinion 
Came here after watching the movie.... I'm heartbroken.
I know it wasn't John Greens intention, but I have a feeling the movie is going to ignore what the book actually meant to say and go with the whole 'wow real LOVE wow look how romantic this is, the nerdy guy and the super hot quirky girl who's so quirky she changes his life' cliche.