10/15 Animal Science Lesson | 英語+アフタースクールの岡村キッズワールド


OKAMURA KIDS’ WORLDは、姫路市にいる小学生の放課後に

In our Animal Science lesson today we learned about the three main dietary classifications of animals; herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore.  We started by defining those classes, and then looked for clues to help determine what a specific animal eats.  The easiest, and sometimes scariest, clue is the teeth.  Carnivores, that eat solely meat, have very sharp teeth.  Herbivores on the other hand, have very flat teeth used to mash vegetation for easier digestion.  Omnivores have a combination of those two kinds of teeth.  You only have to look in the mirror to see an example of an omnivore's teeth!






After we learned these new words, we filled out a Venn diagram, placing animals under their proper label.  The students had a great time looking at different animals' teeth on my iPad!

これらを学んだあと、ベン図で動物を分けていきました。生徒たちは実際の動物の歯をi Padで見てよく理解できたようです。