8/22 Science- Da Vinci Bridges | 英語+アフタースクールの岡村キッズワールド


OKAMURA KIDS’ WORLDは、姫路市にいる小学生の放課後に

I really enjoy teaching my students about engineering, there is so much to learn in every lesson.  Material science, physics, problem solving, working as a team, etc...even if they don't learn every English word in the lesson, they can take away practical knowledge. 



We started by learning the main types of bridges, and talked about the longest bridges in the world.  The longest suspension bridge in the world is very close to Himeji in Akashi!


After a short lesson we learned how to make a type of bridge that is more than 500 years old!  It is called the Da Vinci bridge, and it was invented by Leonardo himself.  It was made to be simple, and to be quickly erected in an emergency situation.  We made ours with just chopsticks; no glue or tape!  They held a surprising amount of weight too, about 2 kilograms!

500年も前に作られたダビンチ橋について学びました。それはレオナルドによって発明されました。 シンプルな構造でより早く建設できる橋の構造です。割り箸だけで作りました。ボンドもテープも使いません。なんと2キロもの重さに耐えられました!