Computer class | 英語+アフタースクールの岡村キッズワールド


OKAMURA KIDS’ WORLDは、姫路市にいる小学生の放課後に

We just started the first computer programming class at Kids World last week, all in English!  I was so excited to share coding with my students, it is a valuable and very useful skill in today's world.  During the first few weeks we will learn about the tools we can use to tell the computer to do what we want.  For example, how to draw simple shapes on the screen.  A square requires 7 steps. We tell the pen to move 10 steps, then turn 90 degrees, move 10, turn 90 etc.  Writing out all the steps can be tedious so instead we can just write 2 steps, move 10 and turn 90, then tell the computer to repeat the steps 4 times.  Instead of 7 lines of code, we can accomplish the same shape in 3!  This is an important concept in coding and one I hope to build on in future lessons!