1/8 Science | 英語+アフタースクールの岡村キッズワールド


OKAMURA KIDS’ WORLDは、姫路市にいる小学生の放課後に


Today in science class we learned some BIG English words!  パンダゾウトラ牛豚羊



There are many different kinds of animals, all very unique.  There are also some things that a lot of animals have in common, namely BONES.  In my lesson today we learned about a specific set of bones called the 'backbone'.  The backbone is found in many animals, it provides structure and protects the nerves that originate in the brain and run throughout the whole body.  Animals that have backbones are called 'vertebrates', and that is one of the big words we learned today.

たくさんの種類の動物がいます、みんなとてもユニークです。また、骨格が似ている動物もたくさんいます。今回は背骨に焦点を当ててみました。多くの動物には背骨があります。背骨は骨格のもとになるとともに、脳からの神経も全身に伝達する役目があります。 背骨がある動物を「脊椎動物」といいます。これを英語で学びました。

There are also some animals that do not have backbones, they are called 'invertebrates'.  That is the other big word we learned today.  After learning this new vocabulary we identified lots of vertebrates and invertebrates, and talked about what the backbone's function is.  I hope this lesson helps my students see the world in a different way.