10/25 Geography | 英語+アフタースクールの岡村キッズワールド


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Kids World Blog 10/25


For Geography today we had a vocabulary lesson about what makes up our environment.  We started with four words; earth, water, fire, and air.  After we practiced pronunciation we started a fun computer game I projected onto a wall.  The goal is to discover new vocabulary by combining elements.  You begin with just those four, if we combine water and water we get puddle!  Earth and fire make lava!  From earth, water, fire, and air you can make 700 different things.  The kids were shouting the new words they were learning by the end of the game.  Mixing animal and mud makes a pig, and if you mix pig and fire it makes bacon!  A little bit morbid but I think that was the kids' favorite.


10月25日の地理の時間は、まず、地球、水、火、空気 この4つの語彙を学習しました。発音の練習をしてからプロジェクターを用いてゲームをしました。初めは4つから初めて、それぞれを組み合わせていきます。たとえば、水と水で水たまり!とか、地球と火でマグマ!という風にです。