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Doesn’t do the film justice , its a beautiful master piece that takes u on a psychedelic trip filled with love and animation ... they some good scenes n bad. It’s much more beautiful in the full movie.
I like to think this movie is somewhat similar to Coraline. Both have very interesting plot lines and seem scary to this generation, but both are actually masterpieces. Always gonna love this movie.
2:03 FOR THOSE WHO CAME FOR THE SONG😂😂😂 (btw it’s my favourite Taylor’s songs but I love every one of them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)

Geezus, Stefania Sandrelli and Dominique Sanda in Bertolucci's The Conformist. Meltdown.
studio ghibli has honestly done some of my favourite childhood films omg
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This is one of my top 5 movies. I wish I'd seen it as a child - it would have taught me a lot about courage and doing the things you're most afraid of. It's also so creative and imaginative. I rewatch it every 6 months or so and just watched it in a theater last night for the 15th anniversary - loved seeing it on the big screen!.

I hope disney will make an adaption movie of Spirited Away just like 'beauty and the beast'. I'm sure it'll be a great movie.

At first it was just a song I'd sing for fun. Now, years later and watching the video as an adult, THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SUCH A HUGE MOOD..

For some reason i like the Japanese version better

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I m sick of this 🎶song.

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when you realize that your childhood is behind
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Ahhh, back when trailers were way worse than their actual films.
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Fun Fact: When he hits the brake at 0:11 he would've killed the engine cause it's a manual and when you hit the brakes you have to hit the clutch paddle as well..
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So...she dated a player..
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I will always love and cherish this movie in my heart❤️ I don't know what about it that I love it so much 😭 I really love it like so much I don't know why.

Just like a lot of you, as a child I too was traumatized by the scene of the parents turning to pigs as well as the scene where that frog gets eaten by the masked spirit lol
This song and bad blood would of been perfect in reputation.
Anyone in 2019?
can someone tell me where I can watch it plzzz
omg i remember , i was a kid the first time i watch this, and it was so perturbating i thought.. but now is simply awesome....

Is anybody on a Taylor marathon after Look What You Made Me Do?
Haku is so calm,I'm sorry i have a crush on him xD
2019? January
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This might the best movie ever created.
I like Taylor Swift I listen year 2019

who's here after seeing Ariana's Insta Story

I love this movie I just found the disc in my room and now it's not working and it's ssoooo good soo im buying another one XD xxx
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Song starts at 2:04 You’re welcome.
2019? Anyone?
This movie may have been p-g but as a 7 yr old and the shadow face man it's was hella creepy, and when the parents where shoveing food in their faces and um yea I found the vhs version of it in 2012 at Goodwill....

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I always thought this movie was oddly paced
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LA  SANDRELLI..................UN MITO VIVENTE,,,,,,,,,, CHE EREDITA' PAZZESCA LASCERA'  AI  POSTERI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
I miss 2012-2015 Taylor 😭😭😭


2019 ??


Basically my childhood.
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1:20 that is the creepiest thing I’ve seen all day...
One of her best songs
The best two minute for me
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Like si saben que el chico es Dorian Gray de Penny Dreaful
it's 2016 and i'm not still over it. i wish this has a part 2!
This ain't a lie but MANY MANY MANY MANY MAAAAANY years ago I had a dream of this movie I was so confused a few months later I was watching Disney channel and saw this movie playing and I was like •~• and growing up I finally understand the movie.

I finally found this! I only watched this once when I was like 8 years old and I really loved it. Gonna watch this again tonight cause I really can't remember how the story goes. All I can remember is that its one hell of a masterpiece..
I watched this movie (in skool) but I forgot most of the names, anyway. the old lady has the power to change your name. which is useless

Jan 2019 anyone?