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The ONLY thing this film was missing was an extended shot of the telescope camera zoomed in closely on Alex then slowly zooming out to show how MASSIVE the wall was in comparison to his body. Unbelievable accomplishment. Incredibly gripping film. Alex is very charismatic and the audience empathizes with him massively..
So RAFA NADAL also climbs...
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is anyone more siked for this then any other frigen movie coming this year, besides maybe dragon ball!!!!!!!!

Look up Andreas Fransson (RIP) ascent and ski descent of the Whillans ramp on Poincenot... really insane alpinism.
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There better be a pub at the top.

Dduuuuudddeee my church is right next to your house! In Santa Rosa lol.

release date?

anybody knows how to watch the full movie ?

Awesome! Psyched for Reel Rock 10 now

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go get a job.

Yup they'd be screwed without the gear.


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i came here thinking this was a new star wars spin off

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Cant wait to see and celebrate the achievement of the greatest of our generation!


Can't wait to see this and to bring along a bunch of people with no frigging idea about rock climbing.
song at 1:45 ?
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