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The smartest woman ever! <3
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Diese Menschlichkeit überlebt den Tag der Befreiung, der Freiheit nicht um fünf Minuten....
However brilliantly, at times astonishingly, capable Dr. Arendt was at philosophical and political abstractions, she brought it home, at the last, with her references to the importance of friendships, personal intimacies and that which is human in all of us. Though the sub-titles are apparently in part inaccurate, according to German-speaking writers of comments, I am glad that, at any rate, some were provided for us speakers of English. Thank you for the upload..
such lucidity, such intelligence and rigor. Arendt is an intellectual giant. Pity about the sloppy translation...but i assume those who know her work can figure out for themselves what the translation flaws are.

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If Hannah had stopped smoking, she might have lasted longer. Hannah was such a treasure, priceless gift, I wish she had not died so soon.
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You're about to spend a splendid hour with one of the 20th Century's seminal thinkers. Thanks Stack Altoids for uploading this treasure..

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Me too. A força da engrenagem é algo de tal forca e comprometimento. Darei um exemplo tão banal quanto? Moda...... quer algo mais alucinado e idiota que se transformou e coletivo: botox, ser anoréxica e toda a realidade coletiva (coletiva) que transforma mulheres em robôs; sem personalidade e muitissimas vezes mortas antes do tempo. A banalização do faz mas rouba. Etc etc etc, O ser humano parece a massa moldável para qualquer coisa. Eichmann fez parte de enorme engenagem regida pelo inconsciente coletivo que Hitler manipulava com engenhosidade. Hannah Arendt pensa; poucos o fazem. Como poderia Eichmann desobedecer alguma ordem. Como o povo é responsável também pois vive um temor reverencial a quem tem poder. Como julgar? Possuo as obras de Hannah Arendt, conheço filosofia e conheço as teorias nazistas. Preconceito mais subliminar contra o negro não existe igual a do Brasil. Aparências enganam..

The translation is seriously defect in this. I'm a Brit, but even I can see the mistakes..


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I think that you have to read this interview and the forced humility/''humbleness'' of it through the eyes of a woman who spent years under severe criticism for her painfully honest ideas. She was a philosopher in that she concerned herself with the absolute truth of reality. That is philosophy. Perhaps her time with Heidegger made her shy away from the association as well, but I doubt she would have allowed such weakness to deter her intellectual pursuits. Besides, it's simply nomenclature. This is what happens to people who speak truths the masses are not ready to hear yet. This is why true revolutionaries are usually killed.  Frankly, Im surprised she wasnt..

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Wieso gibt es sowas nicht mehr im Fernsehen?
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Muy interesante, gracias!
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I needed to hear Hannah Arendt's wisdom to help me find my bearings during what seems to be a dangerous time in my country. I only hope I can summon the courage to stand firmly for compassion and humanity and resist the dark forces of hatred..
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Habe nie die Mutter Schprache vergessen.Grosse Frau.

Ein sehr weiser, feingefühliger Mensch.
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Great interview! Anyone know what the music played at the beginning and end is?
Sometimes the translation slightly differs from the correct german.
Gleich zu Beginn wirkt sie so symphatisch. Und alles andere. Einfach schön, zuzuhöhren
Der Ton, mit mir ist das selbe.

A deeply affecting, revealing interview of a human being's struggle to understand everything possible about her own existence and its meaning to the rest of the world. Her description of her feelings of joy upon hearing German spoken after the war and yet the alienation this made her aware of is beyond tears.  And this in some aspects she clearly implies is all our fates. Gemutlich zu sein lovely as it is, can only be a form of comforting illusion..

She is amazing, I've just discovered her via some some texts for my political studies, and I've been completely blown away by the variaty of disciplines she seems to effortlessly dip into to present her theories. I have been inspired by a number of figures in my time, this is the first time I've been left completely in awe female figure. what a women! what a person! what a mind!.


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she isn't a human, she's a chimney.

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I cannot begin to address my feelings and thoughts upon hearing Hannah Arendt's realization upon the burning of the Reichstag. Arendt was the prime annunciator of the zoon politikon, the political sphere. Whereas political life in the US is not akin to the sort of political life Arendt takes into account, there have been moments when the two have not been all that far apart. My Reichstag occurred when Hillary Clinton absorbed Trump's malice. You see, I had taken History of the Family SS165, at Hampshire College with Prof. Miriam Slater. In the course of the semester, Miriam recounted an incident at the Princeton University library in which a man tried to tell her that she didn't belong there. Her response was, she said, to punch him. The entire, When he goes high, we go low, I found childish. I can only speculate that my experience of the 2016 election caused me to depart from or with, the scene of American politics. My comment might suggest that my experience is analagous with Arendt's. No, I am no Hannah Arendt, and never will be, and Donald Trump and his lords are not National Socialists. But after all, disgust is disgust..

I like that I am a former Baptist/Buddhist gay man that found her writings and they saved me from my thoughtless life. You don't have to Jewish to benefit from Hannah Arendt's legacy, you only need be human..
its such an ugly language


Be careful about the subtitles: they are sometimes flat out wrong. For example, Arendt claims that she could not memorize so much poetry in a second language (dass ist naturlich nie wieder zu erreichen), while the English mistranslation states the exact opposite: I could achieve that in a second language.  Given the controversy that surrounds Hannah Arendt, we owe it to her that we at least not make judgments based on corrupted source material. If you don't understand German, I encourage you to keep this in mind and consult her writings to learn more about her thought. .

What an awesome lecture! It helped me a lot!

Understanding, so important.

no it's not, Gleichschaltung not only meant that people collaborated but also thought and acted all in the same way; being in line; indoctrinated.


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thanks for uploading the full interview
what a beautiful mind. 
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what year? 
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