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Whether you read newspaper to keep yourself updated about current affairs or to know about upcoming car models, mobiles & gadgets or to take vital investment decisions, news exerts profound influence on our lives. Most of us like to keep ourselves updated about the happenings in the world around us through media. Such strong tendency of Indians to keep themselves updated is the reason for commendable commercial success of media in breitling bentley the country.

Whether its print media, television media or emerging online media, you will always find people queuing up for advertising their products and services to reach their targeted clients through all forms of media in India. Stats reveal that India is a home to round 300 renowned newspapers that are read by almost 16 million people in India. Apart from Hindi and English newspapers, large number of newspapers in regional languages such as Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi newspapers are subscribed in India.

If you talk about television, Indian news channels are among the most viewed channels of Indian television. Regional news channels are as much popular as national channels. For example, channels catering to Marathi News, Telugu news, Malayalam news and Punjabi news are among largely accessed regional news channels in India.

And, with the increasing number of people using internet in India, online media is slowly but steadily, emerging as strong competitor to other forms of media. Many renowned newspapers are coming up with their websites to provide news in regional languages such as websites for Marathi news, Gujarati News, Kannada news etc. Renowned newspapers have marked up their online presence to cater needs of its online audience. You can read Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, or online. Most of the leading newspapers are expanding wings to capture the pulse of local news readers who want to read news in their native language, through online media. Such initiatives are commendable as they emphasize significance of our native language on one hand, while giving new dimension to online journalism in regional languages, on the other.


Jon Smith is an expert with many years of corporate experience, now providing information on growing significance of news in regional languages in India like Marathi newspapers in which you will get , and more all in Marathi.

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