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Loved loved loved this film.. those guys were hot as
wish i was there take that lawn mower and records off your hands lol. spent last saturday moving a bed (mattress box springs) probably 20 years older than that one. some people just don't understand while old things last longer there's just some things you don't keep for 60 years..


Like Arlo Guthrie in Alice's Restaurant, Asher Lax plays a character based somewhat on himself. A fellow who works for his father in the scaffolding business. There's cinematic potential there, and I wouldn't have minded coming out of the movie knowing a little about scaffolding, but that aspect is nowhere near thoroughly exploited. Nor is there a firm sense of place inside Israel. It seems that if a particular municipality isn't helping to fund the film, Israeli filmmakers are unaware of the advantage of making the location specific anyway. What we do get is the story of a young man with conflicting loyalties to two father figures-- the one he's intended to inherit the business from, who considers book learning superfluous to their lives, and his high-school English teacher, who wants to give him and his fellow low-scoring students a chance at intellectual development..


wouldn't it be easier to use a scissor lift , I mean it's automatic and u push a button to go up and down instead of doing it manually, just saying.
i have probally been your longest viewer along with ArewildZ28.
i love old barns like that.
This is very good! Talented actors.


At last, a movie about 2 men that does not end in misery! Hi from Ireland :-).
@insulationking Thanks fer the compliments... all in a day
@phantom3rdchannel What makes you think I thru the stuff away??? C'mon over!!!