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Jonathan and Mina together again 🙂
all for love album
Directors:Ok,we have a problem: John Wick needs to go to a wedding. Writers: Challenge accepted..


meu lindo amor só tu me fases sofrer o único a te oje me fes sofrer mais ninguém único amor e verdadeiro Elisabete Gonçalves Matos


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I got a ring on my finger, not because I'm married, because I don't want to be married 🤣
i feel like i have to go watch this alone... and a bit tipsy to fully enjoy it.
Every complexes woman's dream... Pathetic
Os que amam profundamente, jamais envelhecem; podem morrer de velhice, mas morrem jovens. Martinho Lutero

Live the dry humour. Must've watched this trailer 7 times at least.

How to train your wife ... now I guess I'm sexist...

Am I the only one thinking the story plot sounds so much like After !? 

Is it just me, or does that dry witty humor seem so enjoyable to watch?

There's nobody for anyone?? 😉

This is a remake of a 1981 romance movie people not a horror movie.

Brilliant enjoyed the mix . would like all on my music list .

all for love or the world well lost

Men! Wake up! Never marry or impregnate a western whore or a feminist. She will take all your money and destroy your life.

another bad comedy. imagine if it was titled how to train your wife. i wonder what kind of raucous all those feminist groups would raze.
Só lembro da gata ki coloquei no otá dia 6 da manhã.ki mulher gostosa da porra.valeu.ariscar minha vida.por essa gostosa te amo prc.kkkk

Tres grandes que me encantan juntos interpretando todo por amor maravillosa

Always for love..Always..

Wow , best CoLab ever , these are songs you will remember forever , not the songs that come these days great today forgot tomorrow .
all for love bryan adams lyrics
great song speaks for itself.Love.with a full heart or not at all.
I love you

Back PC police, back i say
very beautiful michael💗💖💝💟💞Xxx im frm england and been a fan since i first heard soul provider, i was 19 bak then xx
Wow this is offensive
Love so much this movie recomended its a incredible ride of love its amazing amazing


Which two characters can be be considered as foil the book all for love

Plot Twist: She's actually an assassin sent by the high table to kill John Wick
In silent prayers I pray What words could never say To reach you through the dark To reach deep into your heart And promise we will find a way As night becomes the dawn To prove that love goes on Through every page we turn Each lesson that we've learned Will finally set us free or bring us to our knees But love is right and never wrong В безмолвной молитве я прошу, Чего никогда не скажешь словами, Дотянуться до тебя сквозь темноту, Дотянуться до твоего сердца, И обещать, что мы найдем путь. Ночь превращается в рассвет, Чтобы доказать, что любовь продолжается. После каждой перевернутой страницы, Каждого усвоенного урока, Мы или освободимся, или препадем на колени, Но любовь всегда права и никогда не ошибается..

kinda reminds me of the fan fiction After on wattpad. 
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Tempo que não volta mais. Curtir muito está música. Saudações
Awwwwwww the dollhouse caaaast!!!!! <3
winona the shoplifter?!

back in the 80's Hollywood came up with the first ENDLESS LOVE featuring BROOKE SHIelds...that one was wayyyyyyy better than this one.
I love how he's still dressed exactly like John Wick. Don't they usually change the look of an actor for different films.
Oh look it's Joss Whedon's cast


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By looking that thumbnail I thought its Scarlet Johanson. I'm feeling betrayed now.
Chorei horroooooores com esse filme
Let this movie help mgtow grow
WTF............. why would any serious actor be in this movie.......... who writes this stuff,............ who spends money on this stuff......... and most of all......... who goes to see movies like this......... a total WASTE.   Oh yeah........ Hollywood ego's!!.


What movie is the song all for Love by Bryan Adams in
Dollhouse deserved so many more seasons. Seeing them here gave me flashbacks
Ah yes, yet another movie of the strong woman, weak man. Good luck with that.
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:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın

It just like the note book