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My stepmother made the mistake (in my opinion) in sending my unruly older brother to camp like that...he came back twice my size and worst lmfao.
Great film. Bénkart!!
Yeah, ok, no, I'm not going to join fraternities anytime soon


It's sad that I can already tell at the end of the movie you find out he isn't real and she made him up in her head to think that someone else was doing the killing..
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It looks like shape of water gone bad..


Is Mr. Plow.
I've already seen the movie several months ago. Why is the trailer only coming out now?
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I have a feeling we will suspect the guy all along the movie, feeling the need to shelter her from the bad wolf, only to discover the mother or the daughter are the murderers. I guess it's the mother whose been killing girls for years...and that the daughter, under her misstreatments, is just starting to feel the murderous needs...i bet she s mostly attracted to our guy because she thinks he got to be the serial killer..might even do a little killing herself thinling she s sharing his passion...

Eagerly waiting to watch it for Kristen <3

I thought greed was a sin

didn't they just do this movie with nick Jonas and it was called goat....