JINPUU | にわんと通信



When I came to Chiba to work in JINPUU, I thought that two months is a very long time. I also thought that I would feel lonely, miss my home and my husband, that I would be exhausted from the physical work, and basically felt worried about lot of things.

Now the two short months are gone, and I have left Chiba, I feel that I’m so much stronger person comparing to what I was when I arrived there. Yes, we worked hard, and Jinpuu was very busy, it wasn’t just fun and games, but the time I spent there was precious, we did our job, we ate, we laughed. We experienced hard wind, rain and mud, but also cherry blossom, sunshine and that great feeling you get when you’d given everything you got, and then some.

I found lot of strength in me, I didn’t know that exists. I fell in love this country even more, its people and nature. As Hiroto-san said, everybody should visit foreign country by traveling alone, it’s very valuable experience. Personally, I feel that it’s good to try something new for time to time, like eating eels heart or singing karaoke for the first time.

I can’t thank Jinpuu's staff enough, they made me feel very welcomed, always helping and taking care of me. I respect you a lot, you all work so hard, but still always smiling and joking. I learned a lot in both, gardening and Japanese way of living. Thank You for that. You are in my thoughts, and in my heart.

Carita from Finland