Hello! | にわんと通信



Hello, I’m Carita from Finland.
I came to Jinpuu to work and learn for two months.
I’ve been inChiba over a month now, and it’s been very busy and interesting time.
We Scandinavian people are kind of slow comparing to Japanese people,
everything here seems to happen on the double:
working, sleeping, eating..

I’m going to graduate in this autumn for a gardner (organic), but everything in here is new to me.
Japanese gardens are so different from ours, I find it very fascinating is the use of plants: it’s more
rich and here is more variation of plants. The making of bamboo fence and ikegaki is something
new for me too.

I have enjoyed my time in Chiba and working in Jinpuu. As in life in general, it’s time to learn, keep
your eyes and ears open and try to see world around you in a new way.
Thank you, and pardon my English, it’s not that good!

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