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Melhor série de todas. ....

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The line Shes Back is right. Sydney Bristo is BACK!!!

This is based on real life where these people in societies are in worshipping devil 😈 those shoes when he looks down are human shoe and that towards the towers is right in your face to predictable programming.



Sorry but u mentioned taken..the action sequences in taken was a copy of the bourne series...bourne series are one of the best

@nightowl8936 I don't know. Palo Mayombe may be evil, but I don't think they want to enslave the whole world. And do the Paleros actually kill people or do they make do with goats and chickens? The Mohammedans do stone women to death and behead infidels..

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React to video song Shille hodi from movie Anjaniputra

С этого момента как я смотрю 3 сезон захотелось все сначала пересмотреть

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From the moment i saw him, i knew that he was Mr Lee hahahaha being used to plot twists in k movies really help me think beyond
Saw this movie yesterday with my parents and its a GREAT movie if you are thinking about watching it do it. I will admit the begining was kinda boring maybe its because i am just 11 years old and maybe didn't understand that part..
CW should use this edit for Riverdale. so good!

Johnny Depp anyone?
Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story.
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But NBC News says the cartel violence has not cross the border!!!LOL
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Jennifer Garner is single. I'm single....Hmmmmmmm
The Polar Express: Gone Dark
A female action star? From the director of Taken? Take muh money.

Self hate Jews Paul made Christianity