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Things I regret recently... hmmm. I don't regret, the most of the things that we tend to regret are because we didn't think it through. And you kind a get the feeling, that you'll be regretting the choice you made later on, when you are making the choice. Usually, there's little voice in your head that's gonna be warning you, "don't you do that!" in a sense, and you shouldn't make choices, if that choice you'll be making is going to be bad for your future. If it's bad for future, it probably ain't a good choice to be making currently, anyways.

While, I don't have regrets, I have made mistakes in choices I made, and I will likely to make mistakes in future as well, just like everybody else. The raison d'être of mistakes is to learn from it. There's no such a thing as worthless mistakes; if it becomes worthless, then that is what you made of it after. If I didn't learn from the mistakes, then that becomes worthless mistakes. But if I learn from it, the mistakes becomes the fertilizer, giving richness to the life journey.